Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So many like to ask questions about fate. Often that question is, do you believe in fate. I'm not looking for an argument, but I have seen fate. I've lived fate. I believe in fate.

But... I also realize fate has some aspects.
Some deny their fate, some justify their fate, some do anything they can do to alter their fate.
The only question is which one are you and only you can decide that answer or change it.
That is your fate.

Once as a young boy I had to get some hay from atop a mow. I climbed the ladder and tossed down some bales. That fate had been given to me by my grandpap as one of my chores.

My next fate was to climb that ladder back down. I looked at the ladder and looked at some broken bales of loose hay laying twelve feet down on the floor. I altered my fate by deciding to jump from the top of the mow to the pile of hay on the floor. That change of fate allowed me to experience one of the most exciting feeling of my life up until that time. The freedom of a free fall to the pile of hay on the floor.

Later in life my fate was to work for someone else so I could earn a living. I didn't like working for someone else. So I changed my fate by starting my own business.

I've had times during my life I felt bored. My fate at those times was to be bored. I simply changed my fate by finding something to do that was not boring.

The fate of a mushroom is to grow in one place and do nothing but exist in the spot it was born. To only have whatever is given to it by mere chance and the whims of the wind, sun and rain. It can grow and only do what that spot allows it to do. Only if the conditions are right can it grow. Yet if someone walks along and steps on it, it will suffer die.

The fate of a human can easily be altered. If you believe your fate is to only feel sad and have little if anything, that could be your fate. You also can learn, grow and move in search of something better. Humans are not rooted to their fate.

Humans can deny their fate and refuse to do anything to alter what they have or how they feel, even how they're treated.
Humans can accept what fate they have. They can choose to stay with whatever it is they don't like and just make excuses for why they can not have a better life.

But humans can also change or alter their fate. You have the fresh new chance every day to do what needs to be done to alter you fate.
Only catch is, YOU must do it.
The only thing that limits your fate is your imagination and willingness to move and do.

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