Friday, December 23, 2011

For Everyone

I hope your going to spend time this weekend with family and loved friends. I also hope you'll spend some time visiting with someone who is lonely and has no close family and friends. Maybe take them a gift they can use or even a plate of cookies and other assorted goodies.

I also hope you all will have a wonderful Christmas!
I wish for you the hope and peace the day brings with it.
I hope you all get the wonderful gifts you want. I also hope you all will enjoy the bright shining smiles of the children as they open their gifts.

Don't forget to let down your hair and get on the floor and play with the children. Share memories and stories with them, so one day they will have great memories and stories to share and pass on.

I hope all of you have full bellies from a wonderful meal. Maybe think about those that are not so fortunate and drop them off a paper plate full of nice leftovers with that little chat you can make the time to have with them.

Don't forget to leave Santa a plate full of cookies and some eggnog or milk for a snack.

Have A Very Merry Christmas!

See you sometime next week.

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