Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Memories

This time of year we have a way of remembering Christmas's past. We remember loved ones and friends who made it feel so special. Many who are no longer with us.

It's not at all a bad thing. Remembering people who made us feel special is a way to know how to make others in our lives feel special. Remembering what grandma and grandpap did that made us feel special can now be passed on by us to our children and grandchildren.

Family traditions and foods we remember can now be made by us to be shared and passed along. Stories of those that made us feel special helps our children and grandchildren learn their family history and feel a part of something much bigger than the world they know.

We of the older generations are the ones with the responsibility to pass on and make great Christmas memories for those that have come after us.
Then yes, someday they will reflect back on joyful occasions with you and you will be remembered with a smile and a warm feeling in their heart.

So this year as you remember Christmas's past and those that are no longer with us, why not keep them alive in the memories you pass along.
Sometimes I find that even young kids who seem not to be listening are the ones that listen the most. It's just not cool to be listening so they act like they can't hear.

The really young seem to just enjoy the stories, but don't go into each and every detail with them or their little minds will tire and wonder. They have too much to see and far too much they need to do. Those shiny new toys can not wait for all the little details of your story.

When kids are playing though and you sit and chat with older family and share the stories and remembered details, the children are hearing. It's amazing how I hear them relate things back that I thought they didn't hear.

Take the time if you can and get down on the floor and play along with the children and their shiny new toys. That will be a part of their cherished memories one day. A memory they may share with their children and families.

Sharing what we remember with people who are not of our families helps cement friendships and allows friendship to grow. Maybe even creates new traditions for others who may not have sharing and loving traditions. It can make someone without a family feel a sense of belonging.

Giving someone the gift of a simple box of homemade cookies, your time for even a few minutes, and your ear, can turn tears of sadness and loneliness into tears of joy. Just might even bring a smile to a very sad and lonely face...

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