Friday, December 9, 2011

Beautiful Bloggers

Finally went and did some Christmas shopping yesterday. My daughter and I left early in the morning and spent the day together wasting spending money. I was pleasantly surprised that the stores I went to were not nearly as crowded as I expected them to be. Even at the mall, the parking lots were not overly crowded leaving me with long hikes to the doors.

I'm still tired today and have no plans other than do what absolutely needs done here around home, then resting and baking more cookies. I'm resting up so that Saturday I hopefully can finish the Christmas shopping when my son and I take a journey even farther away from home to another area to shop.

There are a bunch of other blogs I like to read, but I never read them every day. On days where the weather isn't nice and I don't have a lot to do I like to catch up with the reading. So today as I bake and rest, I'll be catching up with some of the good bloggers out here. The bloggers that make me envious with their talented writing. Ones that entertain and often make me smile and often make me think and remember.

Today I'm going to share three of those fabulous bloggers with you and I really hope you will check them out and find the as great as I do.

One is from a local girl gone south. I've known her dad for to many years to want to admit. I just recently found out about her blog and am impressed. She might give you some crafty ideas!

Another entertaining and thought provoking blog is,

This is one more blog that has a way of always entertaining me, making me remember and think.

Sure hope you'll visit them and then maybe stop back and comment. Let me and others know what you think of them.

I'm also curious.

Is your Christmas shopping finished yet or like myself do you wait until the last minute to venture out to the stores in search of the perfect gifts?

How are you finding the stores in your area? Are they overly crowded or is it just shopping as usual?
The lack of crowds yesterday still has me scratching my head in wonder.

Time now for me to make a trek to my kitchen for another cup of coffee then decide which cookies I'm going to mix up next.

Have a great weekend!

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