Monday, January 2, 2012

What Do You Stand For

Christmas – check
Birthday – check
New Years Eve – check
New Years Day – check
Christmas tree – coming down today (I hope...)

Time for a break... Uhh, no.
It's only a short time until Valentines Day. So keep on thinking guys! You only have six weeks to do your greatest thinking and get her that gift. Don't forget the flowers, candy and a card!

So New Years celebrations are over and many resolutions have been made. I'm sure some have already been broken also.
I don't make resolutions any longer. I made one several years ago and have never broken it since. I resolved to never make a resolution again.

What I do though is get behind good causes when I hear them. I heard of one for a water wells project for helping people in poorer countries by drilling water wells so they wouldn't have to drink their water from polluted streams and die from the diseases caused by that. Many of those people have to drink the same water their animals drink from and cool theirselves in. Well when animals wade into those streams to cool theirselves and drink, they urinate and defecate while there. Then children swim and drink from the same waters. People carry that water home to drink.

I don't know about you, but there is no way I can sit idly by when I know about something like that. I would never want my family to have to do that and I see the entire human race as my family. Don't care if you believe in the Bible or believe in what the scientists tell us. We are all one huge family. So giving what I can to help alleviate that problem just makes sense to me.

Another thing I believe in is making this world a bit smaller and more willing to get along by letting people see through this blog, how much we are alike in our daily lives. How we are only different in our beliefs and how our respective governments choose to deal with things.

Our beliefs can be accepted as different if we choose to allow that. We can all work towards changing our governments if we choose to. All in all we all can work towards understanding and accepting differences and get along and make this a better world for all to enjoy.

These are just two of the things I believe in, stand for and back.

There is an old saying that if a man doesn't stand for something, he will fall for anything.

So I would like to ask you as you venture into this New Year.
What do you stand for?

If you don't have an answer for that then I'll ask you to consider what would be a good thing for you to stand for and to do it.

In this internet age we can communicate for a very small cost with people all over the world! Just look at that map on the side of the blog. You can see where people come from who have read this blog. I also belong to another site where almost every day I chat with people from all over this world.

It amazes me how much many of them have opened my eyes and mind. It amazes me how much we laugh when we share. It amazes me how much they have touched my life and helped me to grow as a caring understanding accepting person.

This world is really a small place full of brothers and sisters.
Only by openly communicating can we join together to learn, accept, understand and get along.
Only by learning can we find out how we can help.

Only by acting on the desires of our hearts can we possibly work towards our children, grandchildren and all the future generations to have a chance to live in peace and more happiness than we can even imagine.

Now before you go, how about clicking on that Join button and showing us your smiling face. We're all family here in this world. We all have similar problems and lives. We all put up with idiotic decisions made by our governments. But we all need each other to make a better world possible...

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