Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wake Up Guys

To the guys.
Including today, you only have ten days left until Christmas. Did you find that perfect gift for her yet?
If not you would do well to get busy...

What does she want? What does she like? What does she find enjoyment in doing? What would give her the greatest bragging rights with her friends or coworkers? Almost any of those would help keep you out of the reindeer house.

I can't be of much more help than that because I don't know her. You should...

Many years ago I dated a woman who had her own house. She was a small woman and it was a struggle for her to open her garage door. I got her a garage door opener. But I wasn't dumb. I kind of figured that would be appreciated, but it still wasn't enough. So along with a few other things I also bought her a ring. That she could wear and it would give her bragging rights.

Like I said, I was only dating her. It was not a ring that said marry me or anything like that, just a nice ring that I'm willing to bet she still enjoys wearing today. Almost any jewelry can fill that bill.

Just like you and me, women like having things they can display proudly in front of their friends and just maybe bring out a little jealousy.
But for her a nice new rifle probably won't do. Though there are some women who would love that, they are few and far between.

How about mom? Have you considered getting her a mothers ring? For you guys who don't know, they are rings with small birthstones for each of their children.

One year I managed to please my mom very much by getting one of those big picture frames that would hold lots of small pictures. I added pictures of her mother, her when younger, my brother and myself, and our kids. Mom seemed to love it.

My mom was kind of easy to shop for though. She appreciated just about anything that would make her work in the kitchen easier or quicker. So often I would cop out and buy her something useful. Still I would find a nice necklace, bracelet or ring or something to give.

But simply think of what the women in your life like. Not what you like...
If you buy her a shiny new hammer for instance, she may decide to try it on you.

I knew a guy who after many many years of marriage was about out of ideas.
He got busy and built his wife new kitchen cabinets. He's gone now, but she still has a twinkle in her eyes when she's in her kitchen.
Now I know not everyone has the skills to do that, but even buying her a new kitchen and having it installed could be an idea.

Show her your appreciation and love by thinking what would mean the most to her.

But hurry! Like I said earlier, the time is running out as the clock tics away.

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