Monday, December 19, 2011


Tis the season of showing how much we care. Of showing love for our fellow man. If your religious or not that is a great thing to celebrate. Many of us show our love and caring for our children and families.

How about neighbors and even strangers? Many celebrate Christmas but seem to me to forget that he who is the reason for this is said to have come for all of mankind. He came into the world for the world. Many of the words written about him show his acceptance for everyone. Not just the christians and those who believe in him.

According to the book, he said those who are not against us are with us. His teachings were of love and caring. Not of war and hatred. He didn't win believers by beating them with words, he won them over by showing he cared.

Off the top of my head I can remember only once he lost his temper and showed anger according to the written word. That was towards the leaders of the church who used the church for material gain. The ones who twisted and used christianity to suit theirself instead of welcoming everyone and accepting that they could slowly learn and maybe come to believe the christian teachings.

Hope you'll maybe consider helping others this Christmas.
Maybe help someone with health issues. Even a visit to those who can't get out is a great gesture. If you know someone who has trouble cooking, why not make an extra meal and take it to them. If possible invite them to a meal.

If you have some extra money and know someone down on their luck, why not help them out with some fuel so they can keep warm over the winter months. Even paying just one bill for them is a great help.
Know a family down on their luck? Why not buy them the fixens for a Christmas dinner. Do it like when you were a kid. Set the bags on their doorstep, knock or ring the bell and run. Or even have someone who doesn't know you deliver it. Heck you could probably give some kid a few bucks to do it and make two people happy.

We could all do well and join in as Santa's joy spreading elves!
It really is one world on which we live. We really are just one huge family. Shouldn't we all at least make an attempt to try and help someone else?

By doing anything to help someone else, we make it a little better one gift of help or joy at a time. We help the spirit of Santa Clause to be carried on. In this way Santa never disappears. Quite possibly we give and eventually it comes all the way around the world and right back to us.

Please consider helping to keep the spirit of Santa alive and well? Isn't this what the Bible teaches? Helping others, teaching through understanding with patience, gaining others who believe differently through friendship and love of all life.

Wasn't that the reason Jesus came into the world? To release us of rules and laws that no mortal man can live by? Are those laws and rules not only shown to us to make us understand how impossible it would be to be equal to God?

Give yourself a fantastic gift this year by giving of yourself and some of what you have to others. I find it really does give back a great feeling that comes over you and fills you with warmth. It also creates new friendships which give back by allowing you to grow with understanding and acceptance.

It also broadens the smile which lights your face as you continue on this journey through life. I also find when I give cookies it brings a smile to the face of others! Now can you imagine what a smile an entire meal would give to a family who is down on their luck? Can you imagine the joy on the faces of children from that family if you leave a few toys and warm clothing?

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