Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Your Ruining My Life!

My parents are ruining my life!
But mom, why can't I do that? But dad why do I have to do that? Your so mean!
X$*?... Because I said so!!!! Danged little brat, who the heck do you think you are anyway?

Parents tell you no, because they've been there before and done that. In some way they've experienced it. Be it through their own experience or through the experience of someone they know. Possibly even know through reading it in the news paper or on the daily news.

They tell you to do things because they need done. You are part of the family and household and you should be sharing in the work. The parents also are trying to teach you how to work. A skill that you'll need the rest of your life. Not one thing comes for free. You must earn it.

They tell you no because they want you to remain safe and not get hurt in some way or another. They tell you no because not every little bauble is necessary and costs money that is hard earned. They tell you no because not every wish needs to be fulfilled.

You may know your parents as dull and boring people who do nothing but work and have no life. But before you came along they had a life. A life very similar to yours.

They went out for exciting evenings. They went dancing. They went to bars and restaurants. They went on adventures. How do you think they met? Oh gee, they even made love. Don't believe it? Consider how you got here...

Even more outrageous! Your parents had parents too. Their parents told them no. Their parents made them do things they didn't want to also. And if you get your head out of the clouds and read a little thing called history, you'll find they didn't always have the objects to make the work easy.

You have a cell phone you can carry with you everywhere you go. Chances are your parents had to look for a phone booth to call home or had to call from someones living room.

There wasn't always a thing called a tiller to dig up a garden. Gardens needed dug with a shovel, the clods of earth needed chopped up with a hoe and then raked to make a decent bed to grow vegetables and flowers.

There wasn't always an extra car sitting in the driveway. Only dad had a car to get to and from work and family shopping trips and outings which were made on the weekends when dad didn't have to work. A trip by the kids to a friends house was made by a thing called a walk. Now I know that's a hard thing to understand, but you do it by placing one foot in front of the other until you reach your destination.

Snacks and food did not come from the shelf or microwave. They were made when mom had time to make them. Washing machines used to have ringers. Mom had to take the wash from the machine and put the clothes through the ringer to wring the water out.

Driers were a rope strung between two posts or trees. You hung the clothes on the lines to have the sun and breeze dry them. There was no demanding that you have your favorite outfit washed and dried within an hour.

Kids blame their problems on parents.
I'm fighting back, kids are the blame for parents problems.

Without kids parents would have money and time to do what they like to do.

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