Friday, December 2, 2011


It's odd how when we have useless information go in one ear that other information goes out the other. It's also odd that when we see something that an entire days worth of plans and information start falling out of both ears. It's eerily odd how the information that falls out is the most important information.

Heck, I'm considering a list for when I walk from one room to another!
Wonder if I could just have a dry erase board implanted in my arm...
Now what was I here for? Oh well, I'll just go back to where I was. Oh no! Where the heck was I ???

When we're really young it's never a problem, there is always someone around who will remind you of what your to do. As you get older you begin to learn to write a list of homework assignments so you'll remember to get it done or face the humiliating wrath or an angry evil teacher who will berate you in front of the entire class. Will also be sure to use you as an example to each and every class that follows, thereby humiliating you in front of the entire school.

You get older and find you need to keep a list of all the things you need to buy in order to have food in the house to eat something more than Twinkies and chips.

You begin to find value in keeping a list of the millions of things your boss wants you to get accomplished in a day. Even though the boss is blowing off the day for a golf outing which translates to a trip to the bar...

Really smart people keep lists of all the dumb stuff their spouses want them to do. That at least helps a little when they find you haven't done them. You can at least pull out your list and it might help you come up with an excuse as to why that they will buy. Like hun, I just have so much to do that I haven't quite gotten to it yet, but I will as soon as I can. The list is reinforcement to your argument. But watch out for flying lamps...

As I grow older though I see need for other lists.

Lists of people you don't like and have a grudge against. When young there are fewer people known. That list is short and usually not hard to remember. As that list grows you need to write them down along with why you don't like them. There is not much that is more irritating than remembering you don't like someone, but can not for the life of you recall why. You will however remember when they pull the same aggravating crud on you again...

This list later in life becomes to long. Now you could use a computer database to file all the offenders. You could write an encyclopedia with all the offensive idiots names and descriptions. But then you'd be burdened by carrying those around. So you find it's much easier and uses less ink and paper to just write down the tiny few you do like...

Maybe that would lead to another list. A list of things people would need to do to get on that list. Heheheeeee, a test!

Hmm, come to think of it, wouldn't that test list be a good idea at the very beginning? It might head off being angry with people. It might head off being heartbroken by some fool that says they love you, when all they really meant was until something better comes along.

After all, wouldn't it be better to know what fits your idea of life, friendship and love before you go and let the wrong people in?

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