Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Me

Life is full of the insane moments where nothing seems to go right. Or go the way we would like them to.
There is seldom any certainty. Many times I feel the only certain thing is the word certain.
All this leads us to those hands in the air “WHY ME” moments.

No mater how much you feel like it only happens to you, it happens to everyone. Think about it, how often do you hear others say the exact same thing? Many times with tears in their eyes. Often with despair and defeat in their voices and in their eyes.

They cry that they give up. They'll never try again. There is no hope for their life!
Yet as long as there is breath there is hope. Giving up is just not an option. We keep breathing and life goes on. We keep trying. Some sad souls get so desperate they try taking their lives. Some find success at that, but many more find they have only made their lives more miserable.

Why me?
Because life is full of wonderful uncertainty. Because the universe is full of the mysterious and the strange. Because life is filled with beautiful possibilities to do things in many different ways and have millions of different outcomes.

Why me?
Because you are given the chance to stretch your imagination and be creative.

Why me?
Because you are so awesome that your given the opportunity to be the first to do it your way. You are the creator or acceptor of your outcome.

Why me?
Because you got off your rear and dared to do.

Sometimes why me's come from things breaking down. Or one thing after another in your home breaking down.

When you moved into that home you purchased all those things. As you used them they slowly wore. Bearings ground against metal, electronics heated and cooled wearing them until they became weak. So when the first begins breaking down, you should just know that others will soon follow.

That is why a savings account should be kept at hand. Then when things begin to break down there is money to buy replacements.

But the little things that go wrong when we do things are only lessons on how not to try the next time we make an attempt to do what we did.
Why me's of love are the teaching lessons also. They teach you that you didn't know the jerk idiot butthead person you thought you knew all so well. Yet also that your well of to be without them.

Why me's of health issues teach you that your body can't do some things. Maybe you can't do some things any longer that you used to do. Your body wears too. They can also teach that you need to make changes.

Why me just happens. The only people I feel sorry for are the ones who sit alone in a room and cry out why me. They don't attempt to live and enjoy life and really, while alone in their room no one can hear their why me.
Well except for the person responsible for the why me...

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