Thursday, December 8, 2011


The combination of bad back and bad weather leaves me with many mornings to watch morning news programs while sipping coffee between spurts of cleaning.

One part of those programs is tables filled with products that look similar but are very different in prices. What amazes me is that normally the least expensive is the one I find looks the most appealing. Often the cheaper is more ornate. Some of those programs even show clothes. I find the same thing true with clothes. The less expensive is the nicer looking. Over the years I've noticed the same with jewelry. Most of the time the really expensive stuff looks ugly to me.

Well, this kind of got my silly mind going. Like it needed an excuse...
I have found over the decades of life that I'm never totally alone with my thoughts and ideas. Many go back centuries. Now I'm sure I'm not alone in my way of seeing these products.

Which leads me to the conclusion that should you specifically want the more expensive item as a gift, you should probably point that out when you mention it. Otherwise we guys may get what we see as the prettier of the choices to go along with the beauty of you.

I really don't think we are as cheap as many would make us out to be, more that the item looks nicer to us.

I also began to ponder why the cheaper looks nicer. While watching one of these shows I noticed a cake saver. Once again the cheaper looked nicer to me. The more expensive looked a lot like the Uniroyal Tire guy. The less expensive had finer, crisper detail. Yet when the host picked them up the more expensive was heavier.

Now in my goofy head I understand that heavy means better built and built to last. Yet if I were putting it on my table I would opt for the better looking. Not a cake saver that reminded me of the pudgy, rolly Uniroyal Tire guy from the commercials who would haunt me by looking fat while I wanted to enjoy and savor the cake. If I wanted that abuse I could simply eat my cake in front of a full length mirror...

I conclude that the lesser costly looks nicer to entice us into buying a product that is likely to last a shorter time.
Not at all like the days of my youth when I saw many beautifully decorated items that were built to last. Pie plates with beautiful designs that my mother had and have now come into my possession. They are heavy and built to withstand the bumps over time.

Mom had cookie sheets that had stars embossed. When you saw the bottom of the cookies they had that star shape on them. Those my bright son around the age of 12 or so, decided to use outside in his play. I was totally unaware of that and when I finally did discover them hiding under a bush. They were so covered with rust, I doubt they could ever be cleaned without messing up that design...

I grew up slightly upper middle class, but we were not even close to rich. Mom was about as cheap as one could come. I'm proud to say she made old Abe weep on those pennies by pinching them. So I'm sure she didn't buy the most expensive of anything.

So for this Christmas, why not let your hubby know exactly which thing it is that he should buy. Even if you have to give him a list of several so that you'll at least have somewhat of a surprise. Same goes for you guys out there.

I will add though, that if you really sat and talked more often and really listened, you may get keyed in to what makes your partner the happiest. But it's a little late now to go off on that voyage of discovery for this Christmas. Yet it could be in your plans for next.

That could also be the gift you give each other for your love and to improve your relationship...

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