Thursday, December 22, 2011


I seem to have a nice Christmas cold catching me. So I'm very late today.
Woke up yesterday with my eyes burning and feeling like someone sprinkled pepper in my nose then spent the entire day feeling like that and getting very tired. Last evening I was feeling like a mule kicked me in the head.

Today confirms my suspicions because it has only gotten worse. My nose is sore because of trying to erode it from my face while attempting to keep up with the waterfall of goo that keeps pouring from it. I've all but blown my nose from my face while sneezing. My eyes are bloodshot and look like I've been on a week long drinking spree. (wish I was, that would have made it all worth while and understandable)

I've tried several times to write a blog for today. I can't keep a thing in my mind long enough to get more than two sentences. So I give up...
I'm going to spend my day in nonthinking mode and hope that tomorrow I feel a bit better.

Guys! Love and take care of those wonderful ladies you're lucky enough to have. It sure does stink when your sick and have to take care of yourself...

Have a wonderful day full of smiles!!!

Hmm, might even break into some Christmas Cheer just a little early to see if that medicine helps. : )

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