Wednesday, November 2, 2011


There was a person who started and built a very successful business. The business had many good employees and earned a very good income.
That person would leave home early everyday to attend to that business. During the evenings they would entertain potential customers to promote that business.

All the while a nanny would take care of the children. The children never wanted for anything. There was the best of food and the nicest of clothing. Yet every time the children would ask to play, this person was to busy with work and the responsibilities of that business.

One day this person decided to retire. After being home for a few days they became lonely. The children had grown and were off on their own. When they called the children, the children were to busy with lives of their own.

There was another person who struggled with low paying jobs. Many times their children were told no when asking for things simply because there was not enough money. The children wore handed down clothes. Food came from an old stove that needed relit every time it was used.

Yet this person had time to spend with their children. They would go for walks, play ball in the yard. Would be tucked in nearly every night. But this person was sad they couldn't give their children all the trinkets and finer things of life.

When this person retired their children visited them. The children would invite them to go along shopping. Would even stop and buy take out food and bring it when they visited. When they couldn't visit the children would call and chat.

Though this person had a hard life and struggled, they were content.

Where you put priorities in your life does matter. You may not see it today, but you will in your future.

So many wonder today why the young have little to no respect. Yet when they were children did the ones that mattered show any respect and caring for them... Some wonder why their children leave them abandoned in nursing homes, but where did they leave their children but with someone else to watch over them...

Life is hard. Many times though fighting for a bigger income and success can come back to be even harder. Happiness is really only fleeting. Happiness only comes in short moments. Living a life of bliss is something only of fairy tails.

Many people have found that happiness was having work to do. Spending time with their children and sharing smiles. Teaching them the values and lessons they would need to live their lives and have families of their own to smile with.

The struggles faded away as most memories do. They were replace by the joys of children and grandchildren sharing smiles with them.

So what's more important to you, that career or you family? The desire for fame and fortune or the love of your family?

Give you children that hug they need and spend time with them instead of trying to buy the love from them. Make the children important and someday they will make you feel important.

What greater success can one have than a loving family... How much more happiness can you have than the happiness your family gives to you...

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