Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No Time For Tears

Have a great career. Fun work, nice people to work with and decent pay. Gee I'm happy.
Can't seem to find that perfect partner, gee I'm sad.

Have lots of good friends and life is grand. Gee I'm happy.
But I had a rough childhood, gee I'm sad.

Happy with life and have all I need. Gee I'm happy.
But I'm fat, gee I'm sad.

Have a good job and am satisfied with the pay. Gee I'm happy.
But I always get overlooked, Gee I'm sad.

Have a good job, plenty of food on the table, bills are paid and have a nice home. Gee I'm happy.
But my kids are sad, gee I'm sad.

I really think that thinking we should be happy is making us sad.

Life just is and things in life just happen. There are happy moments and there are sad moments.
It really seems to me it's the time spent between happy and sad that matter the most.

Spending to much time wanting to be happy can cause us to be sad. Spending to much time dwelling on the sad can cause us to miss the happy moments.
Not thinking about happy allows me to be happy with the moment I'm in. Yes, there are moments that sadness will creep in, yet they never last.

Some things that make me sad give me reason to change. When I do make the changes I become happy. So I guess it could be said that sad makes me happy.
Some things just can not be changed... Well when I realize they can't be changed I learn to accept that and again I become happy.

From my little place here on this planet I observe so much sadness. The people I see sadness from though are people who worry about sadness. They don't see happiness because of the multitude of time they spend thinking of their sadness.

I really think that the more time you look for contentment is what is really important. When sadness comes you deal with it. If you can change it you do. If you can't change it you find a way to accept it and go on.

I can't change the pain I live with every day. Surgery is risky and may leave me with more pain or even in a wheelchair. Yes, by some miracle, surgery could relieve me of the pain. Yet knowing it could also make my life worse I've decided to accept the pain and have learned to live with it.

That is acceptance of things I can't change. That allows me to be happy in spite of pain and sadness.

In between the happy moments and sad is where I prefer to dwell. All the time in between is where I live with hope. The time between is where I earn. The time between is where I learn. The time between is where I share and play with others.

Isn't that sharing and playing what truly makes us happy...

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