Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Year

Hard to believe, but it's been a year today since I launched this blog. Yup, one entire year and I've still not learned to shut up. Guess my grandpap was right!

There have been days where I wasn't sure what to talk about. There have been days I wasn't in a talkative mood and had not one measly clue what to talk about. There were days when I was ill and had a hard time keeping one thought going in my mind long enough to get it written.

There have been days that I've read over what I'd written and it bored me near to death. There have been days I've made myself laugh. There were blogs that were written and brought back memories that had a tear in my eye. There were blogs that gave good memories that made me smile and a few that warmed my heart.

On Thursdays I try and write something I think will help with relationships between men and women. That is getting hard to keep doing...
How much can only one person say about that? Heck even my ideas along with experiences are limited.

Once in a while I look at the small number of followers and will see only a few readers in the stats along with only a few comments and start to feel disgusted. I begin to wonder why or if I should keep writing...

But then someone comes along and leaves a comment. And I do read all comments. Sometimes I respond, but more often will only click on that like button. Many times I don't want anything I have to say to lessen the point that is made in a comment.

Another thing that seems to happen when I'm feeling down about keeping the blog going is that a new follower will join the blog. Then I feel like my family is growing with more people who care about the world and wanting it to be a better place of understanding and peace.

That proves to me the idea that,

You will find beauty or you will find ugliness. What you find the more of depends on what you decide to allow your mind to look for.

Sometimes we do feel down and are blinded by a feeling of hopelessness. At those times we do see the ugly. Yet when we tend to look more for beauty and goodness, they come shining through. Many times they even surprise us!

Like I said way back somewhere in the beginning of this blog, If I can only touch one person somewhere in this world in a good way. I've succeeded.
Whether I'll ever really know if I've done any good or not... Well that is the decision of the universe.

Will I keep blogging? Will I keep trying to blog every week day? Hmm, just don't know... But then again, who knows what the future will hold? I want to. Yet there have been times that I've had to set other things aside to write something for the blog. There have been a few late nights spent trying to come up with something to say for the next day.

I once considered taking that followers list off of the blog so it wouldn't bother me to see only a few. But I couldn't do that.
I don't know if you know or not, but if you click on one of the followers and they are bloggers, you can click on their link and go see their blog. You can find out their interests and get to know the world a little better.

You can also see what other blogs followers read. I've found a few wonderful blogs that way and it helps to get to know my followers a little better. And I do have some wonderful and interesting followers. I may not know them face to face but they feel like family!

So here I will make at least a really good attempt to stay and keep boring you with my words. I'll keep up my hope of helping at least one soul out there somewhere.

And I'll keep on smiling as I do and hope that you smile too!

Thank you to my fantastically wonderful followers and to all the wonderful readers!

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