Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank You

Thanksgiving is fun. It allows us to say things we normally can't.
Any other time of the year I would get frowns if I said, I want the breast.
I'd be slapped for something like, gee that breast sure looks nice.
And when else could you say, just pull those legs apart and stuff it in...

Special days spent with families and friends can be so enjoyable. Especially if everyone is loving and accepting of each other. Those that like to pick on or bully others turn special days into sad days.

So what if someone is still single? That is their won business and maybe they choose to be single and are very happy with that. Maybe they are not the ones that just settled for someone who is not right for them. For that they deserve to be applauded.

So your kids haven't given you grandchildren yet. Isn't that their business? Maybe they realize that bringing a child into a home that is ready for them is the right thing for them to do. It could be quite possible they are so tired of hearing you nag about them having children, they have decided to not have any to spite you. Maybe they really don't want children.

Now bringing up embarrassing moments and sharing them with family and friends is just something that family and friends does. Might as well sit back and learn to laugh along with the crowd. It's all in the past anyway. If you really think about it and put yourself in the shoes of others you will laugh about it too.

Now that uncle who always drinks to much. Either cut him off or allow him to get drunk and pass out on the couch.

Remember how you act will be taught to the children who are watching you. Why not let the see the love and the fun of being family? The way family accepts you in spite of what they think or how they feel.

If nasty uncle or whatever in law gets on your last nerve, why not just take a walk or go to another room. Maybe ask if anyone else would like to take a walk to work of some of that huge dinner and make room for more desert. Why not even take the children outside to play? Or take them to another room to play games with them?

Make the best of the day as you possibly can. Enjoy yourself in spite of others. Make your joy be a thorn in old grumpy's side.

My wish for you all is to have the most wonderful day you possibly can and to feel the warmth of family and friends celebrating their thankfulness together.

Here I'm thankful for all the readers. Especially thankful for followers. I am thankful for the opportunity of a place to share my thoughts. Thankful for the chance to possibly help someone who needs something I say. Thankful that I can just maybe bring a smile to someones day. Thankful that just maybe I can make someone think.

Have a great day where ever you are in the world and thank you for making my life a little happier by joining me here on the blog.

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