Tuesday, November 8, 2011


To the fools that keep sending me the spam about selling me a fake diploma. I have a real diploma from an accredited college. Save your fingers... Maybe YOU can not earn a real diploma, but most of the human race can and a fake will always be a fake and will be found out...

Speaking of fakes, how about all the potential political candidates we have? Now there are a bunch of nasty fakes. Obama didn't do much of a job, but it doesn't sound to me like any of the up and comers will either. Some sound like they could be hilarious to watch, but really could we afford it...

We need someone to step up and be real. Someone who makes a promise and then keeps it. Someone who will make a good promise and not a promise that will only lead to higher taxes and a bigger more controlling government.

But I have a feeling it will once again be wish in one hand and sh-- in the other...

Big ego's and bloated pays. Bloated costs passed on to the tax payers. Borrowing beyond the possibility to pay back.
US government? No, Greek government. They are now in default, but there is talk of the European union bailing them out by canceling a huge part of their debt.

So now they will be owned by the world banks? Now Greece will be owing itself to the world? Now at the whims of outsiders Greece will have to bow like a puppet? Who really knows how exactly this will end up for Greece?

The taxpayers of the world though will be the ones to pay. It's our combined money that was lent to make the government officials comfortable in their greed. Oh the banks will cry and say they lost, but who really is losing?

And still I hear Bill Clinton yesterday on the television saying we in the US need a bigger government. Does that guy not see the results of a big runaway government in Greece? Does he have a desire to see the US in default and ultimately belonging to the world?

Many years ago there was a desire and plan for a one world government. Well when all the world is owned by the banks and the greedy rich, they will have their one world government. It was the rich who came up with the idea of a one world government.

So sure go ahead and elect the people who agree we need a bigger government. Wonder how long until they take all our earnings and give us what they feel we need...

The usual politicians are in debt to the corporations and big banking system who fund their campaigns. They bow to them now by passing laws that do no good for anyone but the corporate world.

We must speak out through our votes. Even if it means voting for the best of the worst. We must eventually vote for the people who haven't got the money for an elaborate campaign but disagree with the normal politician. The ones the corporate world won't back.

If not then where will we be allowing our governments to drag us? It's world wide folks. Our various governments who are all dragging us into a future where the corporations will rule simply because they have the cash to persuade the politicians to bend to their will.

Seeing this Occupy movement gives me some hope. It shows that people can unify. But what exactly is their purpose? What exactly do they want and what exactly do they feel needs accomplished? Give me something, a reason, anything I can wrap my head around that will do more than just have me standing around in a big crowd. Something that says something useful and for the good of the entire world and I might be able to get behind or beside you.

Without and actual agenda there are nasty people who are beginning to make you look really bad. People who are only out for violence and destruction. Or is that your only point?

Someone please toss this old dog a bone...

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