Thursday, November 10, 2011

Strong Women

I wonder sometimes why so many men are afraid of strong, intelligent, independent women.

Take a journey back to your childhood. There on the playground or right in your own neighborhood. You played with girls and never really realized a difference. A playmate was a playmate.
If it was a playmate that enjoyed many of the things you did, then it was a fantastic playmate and you had even more fun.

Then along came the day you first learned about sex and ruined it.

Now having a friend who likes doing things you do is still fun. Having someone to join in what you like is fun. Having someone who can challenge you makes you try harder to become better at what it is you like to do.

Why can't that be a woman?
Wouldn't that be the best? To have someone who likes what you do, challenges you and shares in what you do and is also more. Someone who really knows the hidden thoughts and feelings. Someone you can also share love with.
Someone secure enough in their self that you can joke with and have the same banter that you and your male friends do.

Even if it's only someone who is close enough and likes doing the things you don't, but yet shares more common interests.

I see many who look for complete opposites. Then they go on to aggravate each other. Just makes more sense to me to find someone not based on looks, but based more on common interests.

Someone to play with and enjoy the things we do together and someone who can challenge me to be better at what I like to do. Someone to share the load of day to day life.

Having a life partner who is a complete opposite seems it would only get boring. Not having things in common to talk about. Not having someone to play with. Seems it would lead to misunderstandings and arguments.

Could it be then that men who are afraid of strong, intelligent, independent women are really only afraid because they are frightened someone will find out they are not what they make theirselves out to be. Maybe they have a line of BS they have been living by and bragging falsely.

Could they hide from these women simply because these women can see through their line of carefully cultivated BS...

Whatever it is it sure makes for some great pondering...

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