Thursday, November 3, 2011

Humor ?

One rainy day while I was playing here on the web, I bumped into an article on about humor and the way it differs between men and women.

Men and women can be equally humorous. But as the class clown knows humor attracts people and gets them attention.

Men use humor to get the attention they desire and women seem to shy away from wanting to attract attention through humor, leaving their beauty and minds to do the attracting.
Could it be that they want to be taken seriously...

Men who are funny seem to attract women. Women who are funny seem to scare men.

Humor roles seem to change when people get married. Women become the funny ones and men get less funny.

Is that because the man now wants to be taken seriously and feels he can no longer joke...

Is it because women are now seeking attention and become funny trying to be noticed...

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