Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Very Black Friday

Is this the new meaning of Christmas spirit?

Macing people to take advantage of a sale so you can get what you want.
Stabbing people to get your advantage.
Shoving people out of your way so you will be first to grab an item from a display.
Even shooting people so your desires are fulfilled.
Cutting in line and showing no respect for others who had the sense to get there early.
Cutting in line at the checkout because your time is more valuable than anyone else.
Grabbing and jerking things from the hands of others.

I'm sure that's not all I've heard of through the newspapers and TV news, but I do believe that it's enough to show the point.

If this is what society is coming to today, I want no parts of it.

I stay away from Black Friday shopping simply because I don't like huge crowds. But now I wonder if there isn't more wisdom in staying away for the safety of my life and body.

Are these the things we want to teach our children? So many speak of peace, yet they teach with their actions something completely different.
Do they not know the reason for Christmas? Have they never read the teachings of the one who is celebrated at Christmas?

Is society going to keep giving their children everything they want, desire and demand? Or are we going to wake up and see what damage we've done with that already? Are you to blind or addle minded to notice how many young people today think that whatever they want in life should be given to them and they have not got the responsibility to earn?

So many keep trying to buy the love of their children with gifts. I see that love doesn't last any longer than the newness of the gift. Why do we keep allowing the children who need to learn about life to rule the adults through incessant whining and childish demands.

Love them by teaching them that your love isn't for sale and you will not be buying theirs. They need to learn that love is a deep respect that is earned and then shared freely. Something that is cherished between people and not as cheap as any gift from a store.

I've watched in my life as Christmas gifts went from the giving of necessities with one or two prized desires, to trees hidden by a pile of desired gifts. I've seen the meaning of Christmas go from sharing the love that God shares with us, to God being removed from Christmas and replaced with shallow material gifts.

I've observed as stores went from caring about it's customers to thinking of nothing but their profits and using Christmas displays earlier each year to suck customers through their doors to empty their pockets of money needed to pay for the necessities of living.

Stores that once helped customers by giving them needs at cost or even for free when their luck was down. To stores that promote desires in ways that encourage people to whip out their credit cards and go further in debt.

Now even as they have a record of past years where people have been hurt on their Black Friday's, they still drum up wild dreams I peoples minds which pull more people through their doors to mutilate each other.

Black Friday indeed. Blackened by the way people mistreat each other and the way it's promoted by the greedy stores. Blackened by the way it's becoming accepted. Maybe a holiday of it's own to celebrate what is wrong and exemplified by the bad people of the world.

If this is what society is allowing to become the new meaning of Christmas, I'm sure glad I live on the outskirts of society and have little to do with it. I'll wait, pray and hope that society wakes up and begins once again to love their fellow man.

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