Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feed Me I'm Starving

If people go without food, and water for a while they wither and die. If you don't feed your pets they will die. If you don't show your pets love and attention they will leave and find someone who will.

As a child on the playground if you don't play with your friend, your friend will move on to play with someone else.

Your relationship and marriage are no different. Back when you were just dating, you spent as much time together as you could, you talked about anything and everything. If you wouldn't have the relationship would have ended right there.

Because you are together now is no reason to stop. It's really more reason to keep sharing your time and talking about every detail. Doing so strengthens what you have and gives much higher odds to your staying together.

If your partner gets bored or should you not communicate, the relationship will wither and die. That partner will find a new playmate and move on.
Not because they were weak, but because you didn't feed and nourish that relationship and it became weak.

Your in a relationship and know what your partner likes. You do don't you? Well why not make a decision right now. Decide that this is the weekend you will devote yourself to your partner and what they like to do. That lets them see you know and still care.

Spend time together. Discuss all the boring little details of life, of your work and daily routine. Knowing those boring details helps the other to understand you a little better. When you just sit there moping and saying nothing, the mind of your partner begins to wonder.

It usually begins to wonder if you no longer want them to be part of your life.

When that thinking goes on to long the next logical thinking begins to make them insecure in the relationship and they begin looking for comfort in someone who will make them feel a part of them.

Make a plan for a weekend date and keep it. You may be keeping that one who is most important to you.

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