Friday, November 4, 2011


Lindsay Lohan, once again she laughs at the justice system of California. She knows she will not spend more than a few hours in prison so what does she care.

BS make room for her and people like her. Even if it's in an open ward. And to heck with her excuses that she needs to do things for her career. No, she needs to understand if you do something wrong, you pay the price.

But nooooooo. In California you can scoff at the laws...
If you have the money and fame!

Kim Kardashian – 72 days and divorcing. I've had disagreements that lasted longer than 72 days. AND WORKED THEM OUT!

Herman Cain. Oh wow, is he the republican answer to Bill (I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN) Clinton. The democrats wonder boy who feels oral is not sex. Now the republicans with Cain...

Occupy? Occupy what? Seems you fill in your own blank. I grew up during the 60's. Now any protest needs a clear, concise agenda. Just what is this Occupy whatever or wherever all about? Seems there are no specific demands or reasons.

I've searched the internet and can't even find any place here that answers the questions of what and why. Or what possible solution you might have.

Now I'm all for a good protest. But forgive me, I'm old. If I'm going to join anything I want real reasons, and understandable agenda.

Just protesting or hanging out in front of a business or anything else, while waiting for them to figure out what your there for is never going to do a lick of good.

Seems to me like it's just a big party...
Someone has to take the reins and give purpose to what your doing.
If not what purpose will all this occupying serve?

Want to really get Wall Street and the Corporations attention? QUIT buying things your don't really need. Make do until you can't make do any longer, not just when the new shine wears off.

We've become a very throw away society and it's costing us and giving all our money to them.

Want to get the attention of the big banks? Pull your money out and move it to hometown local banks.

Oh well, end of my gripe session for this week and maybe something for you to gripe about too. Who knows, maybe even someone will get woke up...

Last weekend we had a nice snow storm here. This weekend is supposed to be in the 60's. Think I'll be outside relishing in the last of the years warmth and sunshine. Winter will be here sooner than I want...

Have a great weekend full of smiles!!!

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