Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vegetarian Or Meat Eater

Do I think meat is murder and do I feel guilty about eating meat?
I prefer to believe that as we consume an animal we have killed in a quick, most humane way possible, we absorb it's life energy, or soul.
That animal then lives through us. We honor that animal and it's has a new life through our being.
It's the circle of life. We eventually die and go back to the earth, in turn feeding the plants which then feed more animals.

Animal cruelty and eating meat being hypocrisy?
Life is full of hypocrisy. Humans live and pass on their genes by having young. We need food to do that.
Even when killing a plant and eating it. You pluck the plant from the ground and destroy its chance to bloom and scatter its seed which keeps its life going on through its young.

Learning that the life you eat now dwells within you and then honoring that life through your good life is more important.

Is there a way for you to prove to me that a plant has no feeling?
We like to say they have no minds so they are incapable of feeling. But plants are made up of cells. Those cells have energy.
Now man has proven that energy can't be destroyed. By trying we only created more energy. What keeps us alive is energy. When we pass on our bodies die, but where does the energy go? Remember you can not destroy energy. That energy is our soul. Our energy goes back to the universe to mingle with all the energy that is.
So being that a plant too has energy it could be quite possible that plants have feeling too.

What I believe is more important is learning that the life you eat now dwells within you. Then honoring that life through you having a good life and nourishing others and nourishing the earth is more important.

No mater where the energy that keeps our bodies alive and healthy comes from, it is our place to give back to the earth which in turn gives back to the beauty and wonder of the universe.

We have a duty to learn and share with others our good learning. We have the responsibility to nourish the earth with what we learn. That in turn is how we live on even after our life is long forgotten.

As many of the ancients attempted to teach and the American Indians believed and taught,
Respect Mother Earth.
Respect the Great Spirit
Respect our fellow man and woman
Respect for individual freedom

Should you choose to be a vegetarian, that's alright. I choose to eat whatever I want and you can too. What we choose to eat should never stand in the way of our sharing what we learn during this life. Same as what religion we have or don't have shouldn't either.

We're still brothers and sisters here in this world. Many years may have passed since our beginning and we have grown apart because of lack of communication.

Whether we started with two as the Bible says or two were formed by some cosmic accident as science says and two eventually crawled out of the water, we are still brothers and sisters and came from the same beginning.

Rather than argue and fight about who's belief is right, we would be better off just enjoying each others company and playing while we learn during our wonderful journey.

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