Monday, October 1, 2012


What do you do when your inspiration is drained? How do you write something interesting when your mind is interested in nothing? What do you do when your bored?

Since last Tuesday it has rained off and on every day. I've been cooped up in the house. No one but the dogs to talk to and they are not the greatest at conversation. I've surfed the web, answered questions, read stories and blogs, but nowhere did I find anything to keep my mind busy for more than a few seconds.

No help here with inspiration, we're bored too.

With the thoughts of all the work that still needs done and I want done before the snow begins to fall, I'm in a mental panic. Yet am also so danged bored!
What I wouldn't give to have someone here to talk to, play a board game or even do a puzzle. Then again, with my luck at relationships...

Think that is something I shall just give up on. Some battles are just not worth fighting and a wise man does pick his battles carefully.

The dogs are going to be very happy boys.
The chickens are laying too well for just me. Since I've gotten all the neighbors keeping a few chickens there seems to be a glut of eggs in the neighborhood. So I figure I'll be cooking eggs for the dogs breakfast. Heck at least then I'll have company for breakfast. That might keep them awake for a short time!

According to the weather forecast I saw last it's supposed to dry off now, yet it will take at least a day or more for the fields to dry off enough to get in them. I sure hope the forecast hasn't changed since early Saturday morning! A few more days of this world of wet and mud and I might find a way to grow webbed feet!

So I guess that today I'll have one more boring day of just making sure everything is ready. Looking around at all that needs done and get more frustrated. Watching as time passes and it begins to get colder.

The corn crop is looking great here this year.
On the news however there is that prediction that bacon is going to skyrocket in price. Even chicken wings are on the way up. All because of that huge drought in the midwest.

I'm not fond of raising pigs, but if bacon is going through the roof so will all pork by my best guess. So maybe now raising a few for myself and the family might be a good idea. I'd still like to figure out how to breed a hog to have two pork bellies to make bacon from!

Chicken wings don't bother me much. I can sit and pick away at a dozen of them and still be looking for a meal. At best they are just an appetizer. So I very seldom buy them. About the only time I have them here at home is when I invite a chicken in to dinner. Now a chicken with double breasts would interest me. I always was more of a breast man.

So what do I do when the mind can't focus and I'm bored... I ramble on.
What do I do when I'm uninspired... I allow my mind to wonder.
How do I write something... I just type all the gook and goo that dribbles out of my mind, through my fingers and onto the keyboard.

So what's dribbling out of your mind today? How do you become inspired when your bored for days in a row?

Have a wonderful day and smile!

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