Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tossed Out And Deserted

Tuesday morning after my morning trip out to feed and take care of the necessary chores, I proceeded through the early morning chill and drizzle on my quarter mile walk to my daughters. I do that to stay with my grandchildren while we wait for the school bus while their mom goes to work.

On the way there I could hear a low lonely bark of a dog. Could hear as his whine told me of his fear and loneliness. Crying out for the family he once belonged to and loved. Wanting to be cuddled and loved by the only family he probably ever knew.

On my way back home I walked through the woods I knew I heard the sounds coming from trying to find him or her. I called and whistled while I looked. Saw the dog several times and tried to get it to come to me or at least follow me home. I spent about two hours in the rain trying to get that dog. But it was of no use.

That creature is afraid. It's family has brazenly abandoned it. Tossed it out along side of the road and drove away. Left it to fend for itself in the rain and cold against creatures who will only make a meal of it. With it's lack of trust now overwhelming it's mind it won't even come to a stranger.

What people don't seem to understand is, that dog may have been proud and courageous in your home, but that's where it's family was and it would have done anything to protect you.
All it knows for food is what you fed it. Not how to hunt food in the wild which is healthy and won't eat it first.
It doesn't know to be quiet when a possible enemy comes his way or how to find a new friend.

When I started to get cold enough and wet enough to begin to shiver I had to return home to get dry clothes and warm up. That dog did not follow.
Later in the day I went back out in the rainy weather and tried again. With no better results. So I opened a baggie of dog food I had taken with me and piled it where I knew he could see it and left. When I was about fifty feet away I could see him approaching it. So at least he had a meal.

But will he make it through the night...
There are wild creatures around that would make a meal of him or her.

Yes, that dog you once took into your home and said you would take care of will probably be filling the belly of a coyote or another wild animal.

What did you tell your children?
He's moved onto a nice farm. Well maybe it is but rest assured it is frightened and living in the woods. It will starve, get ill and die or be eaten by a wild creature.

Would you toss your children out on the streets of a city?

Is this how you treat a friend?

My smile yesterday and today is kinda hard to find thanks to your kind of love.

Please quit abandoning your pets in the country. They will not survive...

And now I have a stuffy head and am ill because I tried to save your loving pet that you said you loved.

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