Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good Bye Sandy, Glad To See you Go

Well I guess Sandy has now turned north and is heading to Canada. The weather service is saying we have about two more days to receive whatever she decides to give before we will see sunshine.

Last night she left me with a nice snow cover. On the way to feed I got to do some skiing down the hill and then some slipping on the way back up. Then on the walk back home from my daughters after getting the grandchildren on the bus I got to walk through the winter wonderland.
Had the chance to see some deer wondering through a field before they spooked and ran to the woods. It's cold, but it's beautiful.

Snow here for Halloween is nothing new. We usually get either snow or bitter cold with rain. I opt for the snow. At least the kids trick or treating don't get soaked as they make their way through the homes begging for candy.

I wonder if we could come up with a new day where they come to our homes to give us some candy...
But I do get a laugh from seeing all the ghosts and goblins, the princesses and the ghoulish other outfits. It's kinda nice too that the children have a chance to have a day of fun after being back in school for two months.

I'm seeing a lot of devastation on the news. With what I'm seeing I'm wondering if my favorite shore fishing place is still there or what it looks like now. I like Island Beach State Park. It's a long drive to the southern end and you run out of road and then have to drive the beach. It's not much more than a sand dune between the ocean and the bay. So with the high waves it could be changed drastically.
I just hope it's not too drastic and I can still fish there.
I also hope all the people from Point Pleasant down to there and the people from Toms River who treat me so nice and are a joy to talk to are OK.
Guess they will be very busy with the cleanup and rebuilding!

The worst problem I had was finding out a window was leaking when the rain was coming down sideways. But a little seal up with some caulking will take care of that. Then next spring I can make a more lasting repair.
The electricity did go out for about and hour, but that was during the night while I was sleeping. That only made me have to reset a few clocks.

Just south of me some are measuring the snow in feet. Further south in West Virginia they are measuring a few feet!
Even though I haven't seen the sun for days and won't for a few more days I'm pretty darned thankful for as little of the wrath of the storm as I got.
I'm also very aware that as this storm moves across the Great Lakes I could see a huge dump of snow along with the bitter cold. But that too can be cleaned up without too much trouble.

So as I go about my day I'll have all who have seen worse from Sandy in my thoughts and prayers.

Sure hope you can help your neighbors and find some little things to smile about as you go through your day.

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