Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The world is a garden

Wonder why so many people can only trash the world. Some by littering it with trash, others by littering it with words.

The garbage can be a nuisance.
I personally have other things to do and would rather do besides pick up trash dropped by the trash who would drop the trash.
The garbage can give bad disease and germs a place to grow and thrive until they get the chance to infect one of the beings or animals that live on the earth. The garbage can also pile up and give fire a place to start.

The trash that spews from the mouth's of people though could be the worst trash of all.
Some seem to spout off about all that they feel is wrong with the world. But they seldom ever mention a good idea of how to fix what is wrong?

If you see something that is wrong wouldn't it be wiser to think? Think of a way to fix it and do so? Think of a way to fix it and make that a suggestion to others who could help?

Sometimes I feel that the ones who only go around complaining are the worst weeds in the garden. They just suck the sap from the minds of people who who are feeling to bad to see good at the moment. Instead of encouraging, they discourage.

It's too easy to focus only on what's bad. When you slip into that sort of thing there is a tendency to only see the bad and feel life is not worth living.
Gloom and doom is all you begin to see. Fear and hopelessness are all you begin to feel.
You start down that slope to giving up.

When you try just a little to see what is good around you and in the world, the tendency is to feel more content and hopeful.

I think if all you do is announce the bad you are part of the problem with the world.

A simple change of attitude is all it would take.
Rather than just cry about things that are bad suggest a solution.
For every bad thing you see mention at least one good thing.

Dwell more on finding things to smile about and soon you begin smiling about more things.

I'm still not completely over this flu and back to feeling as good as I should, but today I fought back and trudged through my work. After taking yesterday off to break the fever, work was beginning to pile up fast.
I'm tired to the point of exhaustion. Still have no real appetite. Not feeling quite as achy, but still sore.

Yet because of pushing ahead and accomplishing that which needed done, I feel kinda good and have a smile.

Quit suffering with the bad stuff. Find and do some good stuff, even though it hurts and is hard and you will begin to smile and feel better too.

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