Friday, September 28, 2012

My World

Into each life some rain must fall.
Does it have to rain for six days straight though!

It's been rainy for the past three days, it's rainy this morning. The forecaster is saying it's to be rainy until Sunday.
I have to admit I'm getting a bit tired of the rain. I'm also getting very bored.

I've baked bread, baked cookies, made some intense meals, spent a lot of time on line, and watched enough TV to make ones head spin. It's to darned wet and muddy out to do anything there that isn't absolutely necessary. I did the boot scootin boogie a few times while feeding and doing the needed chores! So sure enough, my back hurts bad again.

It stinks to be so fragile.
Have never been like that my entire life until the past eleven years. No I was one to get a broken bone and still finish what I was doing before going to get t attended to. I was the one who nearly cut a toe off and only cleaned and bandaged it up tight so I could finish the work and do the other things that day that I had planned. It healed fine without wasting the money on a hospital or doctor.

Now a simple slip takes me out of the game! How dare this body do that...

Well I'm so bored my mind doesn't want to focus, so today I thought that I can't remember if I ever put any pictures of the gutter planters that I hung on the porch railing early this spring here on the blog. So during a break in the rain I slipped out and took a few shots.

As it looks from the front door

Looking to where my favorite rocking chair is

It's wet so I didn't set in it but this a view from the chair

This is a view from the side of the porch

Same side but different angle

Here it is from further out in the yard

This is from the outside coming up the steps. This one is hidden by the bush when your standing in the yard.

When I first saw this idea in a magazine I thought no way, it would look like crap. But then I began thinking about it more and more and kind of like the idea of having plants and flowers just outside the railing. I still wasn't sure it wouldn't look like crap.

Off I went though to buy some gutter and find out. I chose the vinyl gutter. Should that get scratched it won't show badly and it's not dent-able. Which I think is a very good idea when you have children or in my case grandchildren. Of course my son and I get to playing like children too and tossing balls around.

One really great thing about them is they take the place of flower pots and planters sitting on the railing which always seem to get knocked off. As you can see the pots and planters I have left are only on the backrest of the bench.
I am thinking of adding something there too because one planter got knocked off when my grandkids and I were playing and another got blown off during a windstorm. But that is still in the thinking and planning stage.

It's sad for me to think that it's almost October and soon I'll be standing inside looking outside at scenes like this.

These were taken last October 29 th.

Well as you spend your weekend enjoying the last of the warm weather, the colors of the remnants of summer, the colors of fall and your friends and family, keep that smile shining for the world to see and share!!!

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