Monday, October 29, 2012


So what will Sandy bring?
Maybe nothing. But then maybe four to eight inches of rain. Maybe snow measured in feet.

I keep hearing people complaining about the weather service blowing weather out of proportion.
Maybe they do to an extent, but then maybe they don't.

If you could know that you may possibly stub your toe, wouldn't it be nice to know so you could possibly avoid it?
If you could know there may possibly be a delay on the roads you drive for work, wouldn't it be nice to know so you could take another road?
If you could know that you may be in an accident on that road and die, wouldn't you definitely want to avoid that road?

I'm hearing I could possibly have seventy mile an hour wind. So I'm checking for anything that may possibly blow around and putting it inside or tying it down.

I may possibly get four to eight inches of rain. Well, no big deal here because I'm on top of the hill. Should there be flooding here there isn't anyplace to go but to the top of the mountain. But I know I have family and friends in lower places, so I can be ready to take them in if need be.

I may get feet of snow! That would be good for my buddies who plow snow during the winter. Could be good for me if they have too much and need help. Though I'm hoping not.

I'm hearing I may lose electric power from the high winds. That's nothing new, but having the early warning leaves me time to get plenty of water stored just in case. Lets me get the oil lamps checked and filled. Allows me time to check the food storage for non perishable food that won't take too much to make ready to eat.

I live way out in the countryside so I'm usually well stocked anyway. I also know not to have to depend on others but to be as ready as possible to fend for myself no matter what. Crud just happens.

I've never been a boy scout, but I have been a boy scout leader. Even before that I learned to always be prepared.

To date the longest here we've been without electricity before it was put in by my grandpap, was a little over a week. When your prepared for that it's really no big deal. Just a big inconvenience. And yes I know I will be flipping light switches if it does happen. I will never understand that!

I've spent time getting ready for winter and it's snows, so there is no big deal there. Matter of fact I wouldn't mind seeing a huge snowfall. They are beautiful. A bit of a pain to have to clean up the sidewalks, drive way and road, but it can be handled.

I feel bad for those that are complaining and not getting ready at all for what may come.
It is them who will suffer should things get really bad.

Your serenity, happiness and humor are your responsibility.

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