Saturday, October 27, 2012

I am not that fragile

How come you just can't seem to help some people?

There are those who would rather find the help they need by theirself. They may accept what you have to say and then use that as a reference as they find their own solution. They will probably also look for answers from others before they make their own decision.

I think they are the smart people. They know that what works for one seldom if ever works for another. We desire to find our own paths. Not just to follow a path made by someone else that would end up not working for us. We have a sense of adventure.

Some I suspect would rather spend their time in sorrow and hope for someone to join them in their pity party.
They do not want to hear the voice of reason that offers some helpful direction to a solution.

Some seem to want help all the time.
If you help them they expect you to continue to help and do almost every thing for them. They are the lost and first need to find their path out of selfishness.

Could be some of them are the lazy and don't deserve help.
They need to get off their lazy seats and find a direction to travel.

Some are just too angry.
When you attempt to help someone who is full of anger and rage, the anger and rage ends up being placed on you.

Some because of such deep seated prejudice.
When you try to mention possibilities they only turn hostile. Some to the point of name calling. Some to the point of striking out. Some to the point of wanting you dead.
They don't want to hear any opinion but their own.
They need to find out the reason for their prejudice and find a path away from it.

My beliefs are not fragile. My beliefs do not depend on you. My beliefs are learned and time tested beliefs.

Learned from others in books or words and put together with my own thoughts. Learned from mistakes and then finding new ways that work for me.

Tested by the time I've spent in this world with plenty of trial and error.
Some have called this bullheadedness.
I call it being wise.
I tend to question everything as it comes my way. Then I find out if it's true or right. If and how it fits me.
Again, what might be for one might not be for another...

Yet finding your path to heal and then using what you've learned to attempt to give someone else some help with their direction can warm your heart and give you reason to smile.

I'm a believer in God. I suspect God is not so fragile that he needs you or for you to believe.
I've tested my beliefs and found they work.
God does answer some of my prayers. Others he doesn't.

If you've asked for his help in some way, perhaps you should question yourself. Do you fit in a category that deserves no help?
Are you asking for something that you can do or in some way get for yourself?
Are you asking in anger?

Like any good parent, God will always try to help you help yourself. And like a good parent God will know when you are in a rage and not waste his time on you. But when you do make the choice to calm down and at least try to listen to reason, God will be there to help.

So when you see me shake my head, smile and walk away, now you may have a better idea of why.

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