Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Herbs Stump Me

I've never had any luck when I've planted herb seeds.
I plant them, they come up and look decent and then a month later they start withering and dying.

This year when I put up those gutter planters on the porch railing I planted some basil, two different parsley's, mint and stevia. They have done great! I even had plenty of all to use and now have a lot to dry.
Being they were in a sort of planter they gt a drink of water from me when it didn't rain quite enough.

I'm now wondering if after I plant them other places around here it doesn't just get to dry for their roots. Are their roots that shallow?
I never have any problem with the regular garden plants and only have to water them when it gets really dry which is normally in very late July and August. But maybe the roots of the garden crops are deeper and they get more water from the ground.

I've even found a way around watering them though by laying on a really heavy, about six to eight inch, layer of grass clippings for mulch. Even in the driest of weather if I move some of that mulch it is damp beneath. And what I think I love most is I have very few weeds to dig out of the garden.
This year I didn't get that mulch started early enough but that was my fault.
But I wonder too if I could just mulch herbs really heavy the same way or if that might do some damage to them.

With all the other things I have to do I just don't have time to water more plants. I'd like to find some answers... I've searched the web but have found no useful information for my problems with herbs and I really don't have anyone locally to ask. Everyone I know buys their herbs and such at a grocery store. But I want fresh.

Yup, there is just one more thing I should have payed more attention to the old timers before me and learned about while very young.
Ehh who knows, maybe it's just something I'm not supposed to know for some reason.

Yet I am determined that if I can find no one to help with that I will figure it out on my own. Even if it's the last thing I do!
Ha! Give me herbs or give me death!

I do not allow the disease of doubt to stop me.

We had a hard frost here a few mornings ago. That means it's now time to finish cleaning up the garden and begin planning for next year.
But the fall colors this year are beautiful and tend to make my mind wonder into daydream land when I'm trying to get work done. I'd really rather be out hiking across the mountain tops and enjoying the kaleidoscope of beauty and color.

Well just one more thing for the day. Do you need some help cleaning that nasty computer screen? Then click this link.

This was sent to me by a reader here. And I so thank them for the smile which turned into a great laugh!

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