Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tis the season to catch colds and chicken are getting scared for their lives

Not feeling well at all.
Yesterday I did what was absolutely necessary and that was all. I ached, the stomach felt ready to spew, head refused to go into gear to think, sinuses stuffed up and nose ran all day. I'm not even sure I could identify myself in a line up.

This morning I went and did the morning ritual of feeding and checking on the critters then for my morning quarter mile walk to my daughter's to watch the grandkids until the bus came to take them to school.

It rained. By the time I made my way to their house I was almost soaked. But it didn't begin to rain until I was half way there. To far to turn back and still to far to go, but on I went.

While talking to the kids I realized that their little over active minds are way to much for me to keep up with in the early morning when I'm not feeling well. Heck I can just barely keep up when I'm feeling perfect!

After the bus came I trudged my way back home. Luckily the rain drops held off until I made it to the front steps. I came in and poured a cup of coffee and now I sit here trying to write something at least halfway interesting.

It's a losing battle...

My eyes burn, my head is congested and all I want to do is go back to sleep.
I don't even feel like finishing the coffee. Yet I know if I go to bed I will only lay there staring at the ceiling or walls. Then the back will start getting stiff and I'll say some bad words and get back out of bed in disgust.

So I think I'll just sit here a bit and maybe even fall off into dream land and take a catnap.

Have a great day and keep that smile beaming!
I'll be smiling a bit later when I start to gain awareness once again, but for now I'll just sit here in a daze and try to remember who I am.

Any one have some chicken soup they could to bring me?

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