Monday, October 8, 2012


I wonder if success is finding happiness and fun in where you are living and where you are at in life.
I wonder if success is listening to people and trying to understand.

I wonder if success is making the world a nicer place to live. Practicing love and peace. Striving not to speak hateful words.
Planting a flower garden for others to see, observe and enjoy. Planting a tree for some child to one day look at with wonder.

I wonder if success is listening to someones hurt then hugging them so they know they are cared for. Being there to put a bandage on a skinned knee. Spending time with someone who is a shut in or offering to take them shopping.

Could it be helping to rebuild? Helping to rebuild someones front porch. Helping to mend a leaking roof. Helping to rebuild a broken life.

Wonder if success is filling the mind of a child with wonder from a story you remember from your life. A story that could give them inspiration. A story that could teach them a moral. A story that could just make them laugh. A story that can help them remember who their departed family member was.

Wonder if success could be loving. Loving the world and all the good it holds.

Some seem to define success by the things they have, things they own or friends they have. Some define it by money.

Could it be though that the most successful are those that help others find their success. Those that give. Those that help.
Those that show more care for others than they do for their self...

Is it possible that all the small successes you have are true success...

Even the success of sharing a smile and making someone else smile?

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