Friday, October 5, 2012

Just Who Are You?

After getting to know some people, you realize if you put their brain in a mustard seed it would rattle around like a dried pea in a metal rain barrel.
Some you find have less sympathy than a flea.
Some you find have anger inside that could rival an angry bear being woke up from hibernation with a huge appetite for human flesh.
Some might care about their selves more than they could ever care about others.
Some are just so cheap they would even allow their self to be deprived of things they need, let alone want.
Some are just good talkers and dreamers, but would never find the courage to venture beyond their little worlds.
Some are just whiners who want to sit in self pity and cry.
There are even some who would tell any lie they think you want to hear just to get you and use you then toss you away like a rotten piece of meat.
Some are just lazy.

Some are just

Spiders that creep through our lives.
They sneak in while we're not paying attention, when we have our guards down, they spin their webs in our minds and then are a sticky mess to clean up.

It's baffling, all the things we find out about people “after” we really get to know them!

Ahh, the importance of finding someone to be best friends with. Someone you enjoy playing, working, laughing, singing and dancing with. Just sitting alone with and wasting time relaxing and watching TV.

Passion is like many other things. It comes and it goes. It flits around through our lives and briefly makes itself known. Then like the hummingbird it flies off, not to be seen for a season.

Some of the longest lasting couples I've known during my life were “not” the most passionate. Yet they cared about each other. They had fun being with each other. Even stupid things made them smile.

They appreciated and cherished the passionate moments they found when they appeared.

Wouldn't it be better and wiser to take the time to know the person we meet?
Couldn't that save us from our worlds of hurt?
Could it just be possible that the old fashioned long engagements were a good idea?

By taking the time to get to know someone better we can stand a better chance to find out who they really are. People are just not all that good at keeping a lie going for a very long time. Their exaggerated nice guy or girl can't stay hidden for long. Their inner beast can not stay asleep and hide for a long time either.

Maybe holding back that physical aspect of a relationship could keep us from having to deal with the emptiness left behind when things go bad.
It does seem to become an addiction...

It never surprises me or makes me angry that people let me down. What angers me is the fact that I allow myself to be put into the situation to be let down.
So I try my best to not let anyone get that close that they can hurt me so deeply by making them my addiction.

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