Friday, March 29, 2013

Hunkering Down For A Storm / Noodles ?

Last Sunday morning I awoke and listened to the news as I normally do.
Yup, for two days I had been hearing of a snowstorm heading this way and that it may well dump up to a foot of that flaky white stuff. Snow... And yup, it was still coming, hadn't even considered changing course.

So I took care of what I had to do and the creatures I visit, came back in, got my morning coffee which was now done brewing, and parked my rump on the couch. Ate my cookies, downed the supplements I take and sipped that coffee. Opened my internet connection and got lost here for awhile. Like normal.

All the time I was here on the internet, the sun was rising, shining real cute through the overcast sky, peeking like a youngun looking at their first heartthrob through bleary eyes. It was calling me. Calling me to take the advantage and even though cold, enjoy a four wheeler ride. I did.

The ride was cold and crisp, but as usual very life and love giving. Filling the lungs with cold air and the mind with a peace. Covering the body with goose bumps yet covering the heart with warmth and joy. Filling the brain with seldom seen beauty of early spring and uniting with the hopes of the brown plants and seeds.

Not one soul of the wildlife kingdom did I see, but I suspect they were hunkered down, nestled warm in preparation of the coming storm. Like usual. Bellies filled the day and night before. Dreaming dreams of prancing and frolicking through the fields and woods and allowing me the chance to watch them as they play while doing the needed work of their life.

I started to build a hunger. That silly mind began to work. While enjoying some more of that ride a lightbulb lit the recesses of that world of the lost. A smile came to my face. I hurriedly finished the rest of my ride.

Came in, went to the kitchen. Washed the hands and grabbed a mixing bowl.
Mixed up 1 Cup of flour, 1 Egg, a pinch of salt for my homemade egg noodles. Now not the usual noodles with only white flour. But 1/2 Cup of white flour and 1/2 Cup of Whole Wheat Flour.
Was about to add some water to bring them to rolling consistency, but stopped.
Reached in the cupboard and got hold of the container of Garlic Powder. Measured about a half a teaspoon of that in the palm of my hand and added it to the forming dough. Too bad I didn't think of that sooner but I kneaded it into that forming dough. Added the water needed slowly until the dough was just right for rolling. Rolled them out and cut the noodles to the size I like best.
Only cut half of that batch for today. Cut the other half much larger for another idea.

Didn't have enough stew meat in the freezer to make what I wanted, but had taken out some burger to thaw as the noodles dried.
Later I boiled some water to cook those noodles. I browned that burger with about a half cup of chopped up onions. Added some butter and flour to that pan and stirred until it was slightly browned and not lumpy. Stirred in some milk and some water and some herbs and spices to add some flavors I liked. Brought that back to a simmer. Got some frozen mixed vegetables from the freezer and dropped in a handful of them.

While that finished thickening I drained the cooked noodles. When the beef stuff was thickened just right I added the cooked noodles and mixed them in.

Have no idea what to call it, but it's great taste of the healthier whole wheat garlic noodles which was a first time try, and the creamy beef and vegi flavors all mixed together, brought comfort and joy to my happy mouth and taste buds. Brought a warmth only a comfort food can to my belly.

Then I was ready to hunker down like the critters and wait out the upcoming nastiness of more darned snow.
And that was my comfort food on a day that I knew more winter was still on the way.

What a way to bring on the smiles...

Missed that or want an easier way to copy and paste that noodle recipe?

Mix up
1/2 Cup White Flour
1/2 Cup whole Wheat Flour
1/2 teaspoon Garlic Powder (more if you like)
pinch of salt – to taste

make a hole in the middle of the mixed up flour
1 Egg – already beaten, while stirring it into the flour
Slowly add some water while mixing with a hand until a rollable dough forms.

Roll it out to your desired thickness (mine is thin enough to read a paper through), cut that into the desired length and width you desire (mine is about a quarter inch wide by about two inches long. To start, cut strips your desired finished length and then cut the widths of noodle. Set them on paper to dry while keeping them apart and separate.

IF you have too many for one meal, store them when completely dry in a canning jar with a tight fitting lid. They will keep quite nicely.

When ready, just boil them in water or even a broth of your choice. Boil until you are satisfied with the doneness. For me that is until they are thoroughly cooked. Al dentee is for macaroni and spaghetti pasta.

Enjoy and smile!!!

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