Monday, March 4, 2013

Cha cha cha changes

There I was, about to drift off into dreamland last night knowing I had a post for today. All snug under the warm blanket, listening to the local news, when I realized I couldn't use that post today. For reasons I won't go into today.

I woke this morning with plans of going out for a visit with the critters and to refill their feeders for them. I opened the door to see even more snow flakes had piled up over night. Not feeling like moving snow out of my way first thing after waking up while my body was still toasty warm and half asleep and getting an early morning shiver, I decided that could wait until after the sun made it's appearance for the day.

I went to tend to the fire, thinking I would just have to swing open the door and add a few pieces of firewood. Only to find! The fire had burned so well overnight there wasn't much left to quickly bring it back to life. So now there will be a few trips along with poking and stoking before it rages back to it's blazing life.

So here I was wondering through the cobwebs of the mind. Beginning to get a few ideas and typing them. The pup Rowdy. Remember Rowdy? Well he's really not a pup any longer, although I will probably always see him as my cute little cuddly buddy. I really should get a picture or two and give him some more fame here.
Even though he decided one day in a fit of jealousy when I left him alone and didn't take him along outdoors and decided the upholstery of the sofa no longer suited his taste so chose instead to taste it. Causing me to have the need to purchase a cover... Lucky for him and me that it's already shot and there are plans of buying a new one soon.
Well Rowdy decided one trip out into the cold already this morning wasn't enough. He went to the door and sat and stared at me. That's his way of telling me, “let me out to pee or I'll pee where you don't want me to pee”.

The thought process was lost as I placed the computer to the side, walked over, opened the door and allowed him his relief.

I don't get it. He knows where the doorknob is. I've witnessed him taking it in his mouth. All he has to do is turn and he could let himself out. But instead chooses to make me his door opening slave. Shouldn't he be opening doors for me?
Wonder if he could write a few blogs... Tales of puppy dog tails. Tails of life. One tail to wag. Efficient wagging. How to knock over daddy's coffee in one wag.

After waiting, waiting and waiting. And waiting. I was finally able to let him back in after he bounced back up over the end of the porch wagging his happy tail with that I'm cold look on his face.
Now back to thinking and writing! But nooooooo.

Might be better to peek in on that fire in the furnace and see if it's time to add another log. Heck the coffee should be ready. Might as well pour a cup of delicious black heat while I'm passing by that way. Hmm, might as well grab a few cookies to go with that coffee. Ugh, now Rowdy and Lakai will want a treat or they will be begging for my cookies with their puppy dog eyes.

Finally! Back to writing!
Hmm, just what was that I was thinking of writing today... Oh yes!!!
Things change!

No matter how much work you may have put into something. Things change.
Doesn't matter what you have planned. Things change.
You may be set in you ways like an old stone wall. Things change.
You may have plans to make hay. Along comes the rain clouds. Things change.
You may feel there is no hope. Things change.

You may like that comfy pair of underwear you've been sitting around in for a few days. Uhh, things better change real soon!

Changes just happen!
The choice is yours to sit and wallow in self pity while permitting anger to grow inside and consume you.
To allow yourself the flexibility to smile and go along for the ride.

And oh yah! I did get a really good smile while in the grocery store over the weekend.
I walked around a corner and started down an aisle just in time to see some really manly looking man sniffing at a scented candle. Had his nose stuck right in there!
Well until he saw me.
Then he tried hiking up his shoulders and putting on his toughest manly man look.
To late pal, I saw that unmanly move.
Relax bud. We're all human : )

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