Saturday, March 9, 2013

Just rambling thoughts

The days are growing longer, the sun is taking a peek out from behind the clouds more often and for longer stretches of time.
That sure has a way of turning an guys thoughts to spring.
Yet springtime has it's way of taking a mind and twisting it to thoughts that often seem only a figment of ones imagination when older.
Thoughts that can make me laugh and smile.

Winters have become slow times. Times when I spend little time wondering outdoors. Times when I go out as little as possible if the weather is cold and the ground is covered with snow. Times it can take a lot of sincere coaxing and offers of cash to make me say yes to leaving the warm confines of this house even to do something I enjoy.

There are the critters to feed and be tended to. There are the walkways that need the snow removed in case someone should choose to visit. Yet I wonder why they don't bring along a shovel or broom and clear their own path... And just why is it they don't bring along some food or goodies but instead eat my food. Don't they know or don't they get it that it would put a really huge smile on my face if they brought food or treats! Today I'm thinking lasagna! Maybe a warm apple pie to go with that!

Most of the time during the winters is spent looking out the windows in hopes of seeing birds at the feeders. Spent watching snowflakes as they drift slowly towards the ground and gently land, joining the other snowflakes and making that white carpet which hides the green of the lawn and fields. Lays in the crotch of the branches of the trees, decorating them with white contrasted against their dark brown bark.
Wishing for warmer days when one can get out and do some work.

For an older single guy who doesn't enjoy going out to bars and such. Who seldom feels a need to leave home. Who's back will ache for days should he take a tiny slip on the ice or make a slightly wrong move while lifting things like a snow shovel. Who shies away from dances which will make him forget his back and want to dance the night away which may well bring on a stay in bed thanks to an aching back. Who fears anything more than a slow dance while holding some pretty gal in his arms, making love with the eyes while softly swaying to the music.
There is a lot of time spent in thought...

And talking to the dogs.

I'm kinda sure they are getting tired of hearing about the gardening plans for the upcoming season. The decisions and changes of decisions.
Tired of hearing about the plans to find and get a few new calves this spring to bottle feed and start yet one more small herd.
Tired of hearing how those fences need checked and mended.
Growing weary of hearing how much I can't wait to be out in the sun on the tractor.
Would rather hear about me making more doggy treats than my plans of how much hay I will need to cut, rake, bale and store for next (yuk) winter.

So a lot of time peering out the window wishing there were some nice lady who would want an old broken down guy to share schemes and dreams with. Someone who would want to and could take the lawn and enjoy making it pretty with flowers. Someone who could take this old house and make it feel like a home. Someone who could take this ole guy and make him feel like a young boy again for even just a few moments of a day.
Someone he could romance with a handful of wildflowers, some words of appreciation and loving fondness. Someone to share smiles and words with.

But where would one find such an angel that would want the fool on the hill.

A fool who has found his happiness out in the middle of nowhere land. One who very seldom feels the need to be in the midst of crowds but would rather walk through the fields and woods trying to chat with the critters he finds. One that would rather listen to a bird sing than go to concerts. One who hears a concert when the crickets fill the air with their chirps, the croaks of frogs and toads in the swamps. One who finds the smell of fresh mowed hay the greatest perfume that has ever wafted past the hairs in his nose.
One who finds enjoyment visiting the beach on fishing trips yet finds his ocean of woods and fields covered with wisp's of clouds more fulfilling and comforting. One who would rather spend a day listening to a babbling brook than hear the constant drone of cities and towns.
A fool quite happy and content.

A guy that can spend winter days very happily experimenting, working on and perfecting recipes while cooking or baking in a kitchen as a release to winters boredom. One nutty enough to put his words where anyone can read them...

A goofy guy who looks at seed catalogs like many guys look at Playboy. Drools over pictures of seeds and the things they grow instead of half naked women.
A guy that only wants one woman to look at and salivate over.

Where indeed would a guy find an angel such as this...

Hmm, think I'll brew a nice cup of green tea and ponder that while looking out the window.
Who knows, maybe she'll appear in the clouds as they wonder over the top of the mountain and drift past on their way to who knows where.

Though many would find my life and ways boring, heck there are even moments I do, there are many things that need done. Many that one does not feel like doing. Many one does. Some not so much fun. Many that are.
Yet there are many places your mind will carry you.
IF – your brave enough to allow it to.

Soon it will be spring. Soon the ground will warm. Soon the hummingbirds will make their return and bring with them the smiles they so openly give. Soon there will be so much to do and keep you busy that there will be a slight longing for the quiet days of winter.

Ahh, but today...
Today I smile as I hear young guys fantasies playing and singing while dancing through my mind.
Feel the blood warming as those thoughts bring about their warming effects. Sense the burning desires and tenseness of nerves.

Today I need a cold shower.

Or perhaps I should just go out and make it with some snow angels!

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