Monday, March 18, 2013

What is with this snow!

Woke up to snow.
Can not take one more flake of snow.
Want green. Want warm sunshine and fields of green speckled with flowers.
Trees covered with leaves. Blue skies with song birds flying and singing. Want to see butterflies flittering about. Want to feel sweat dripping from my brow. I want to complain about being hot for a change!

That is it. I am self diagnosing and prescribing.
I'm prescribing two Reese's peanut butter cups. One Mars bar. An entire bag of caramels and a Twix. A huge queen size bed made of one big chocolate cake. With chocolate icing as a blanket. Pillows of chocolate covered marshmallows.

Now wouldn't that give anyone a smile on yet another snowy day : )

Yah, it's snowing one more time. This is the winter that never ends. Heck the school has already canceled for the day so in a few more hours my daughter will be dropping of the grandkids for me to watch and take care of while she goes to work.
That will make me smile! Grandkids bring fun into life.

I get to teach them all the fun things their mom did when she was really little that drove me nuts! : )
Yah, yah. There are still those good things one should teach. But it sure seems they are more willing to learn the good when you mix it with fun things and make them smile.

Honestly though, it's what they teach me. Same as when my children were little. Watching kids explore and see things through those young eyes makes me see those things in a new light once again. Kinda opens my eyes to things I've taken for granted over the years while becoming blinded by adult life and living.

They bring out the relaxed little kid in me when they want me to join them in play and we laugh. Heck yesterday afternoon my house was like a major airport without flight control. There were paper airplanes flying everywhere!
We make the ones with the blunt noses so no one looses an eye.

The grandkids even helped me while getting the corned beef, cabbage and potato's on the table for dinner. I set the dishes and silverware out and they set the table.

They even made me come up with yet another recipe idea.
My grandkids don't like cooked raisins. So the normal soda bread was out. While everything else was cooking that was going through my mind.
All of the sudden soda biscuits came to mind. Once mixed I could make some of the biscuits for them and then add raisins to the remaining dough by kneading them in and make biscuits for the rest of us!

It worked. Worked great! Instead of a big loaf of soda bread, we all had individual tiny loafs of soda bread. Well OK soda biscuits. But is there really much difference? Doing them as biscuits gives that browned crust all the way around and who would complain about that? It's always a fight around here over the heels of a loaf of bread. Enough of a fight that I usually have one heel to myself as soon as bread is done baking. Hmm, sometimes before it's really even cool enough...

So I'm off now to get some ideas in mind for what we will be doing and playing with this afternoon.

As I wonder and smile, I hope you too will smile.
And remember a smile unshared is just not nearly as much of a smile as a smile shared.

So I'm prescribing for you.
Make at least one person smile today and everyday.

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