Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Slow down and look around

Went out to eat at one of my favorite brunch buffets on Sunday morning. It's one of the few meals that can be had for a relatively cheap, yes I said cheap, price and one can still get enough food to eat to last an entire day.

I'll not shy away from calling myself cheap. Anywhere I can save a buck or even pinch a penny I do. Heck I even enjoy being cheap. When others say how much they've spent I'm always there to say how little I spend for the same things. Well when I can.

Now when it comes to many needed purchases it seems a wise person would wait a few days or a week and buy the exact same thing I did. On sale.

While at the restaurant I couldn't help but overhear parts of a conversation from a nearby table. A mom was talking to her daughter about her daughters going to another state to see a guy she had met on line. Mom was none to happy that her dear daughter was going somewhere far away to meet a man that mom had never met and knew nothing about.

Oh yes how things have changed over the years. I just thought that and smiled to myself.
From all I can see from my little hill here on the farm, there are no guarantees that a guy from the same street who mom does know would be any better.

There was a story on the news in a city only an hour or so away about a guy who dumped nail polish remover on his girlfriend, set his girlfriend on fire, threw a blanket over her and then left!
They were having an argument about their relationship...

Wonder what was going through his twisted mind. Honey I love you so much I can't stand to lose you. So I'll just destroy any chance that I can ever have you or for you to even want me.

Wonder how he'd feel or react if someone did that to his mom.

For some reason so many minds today seem more and more twisted.
What many seem to forget is that it takes time to see the twists.
Time to really get to know another person.

Then on the way home from brunch and after stopping for a grocery stash to restock the nearly barren shelves I saw the remnants of a really bad accident.
There was one vehicle on it's wheels that was really smashed up. The other was against the guide rails, on it's side with the roof smashed part way down and the rest of the body all smashed up.
There were plenty of people around and I could see EMT's on the way so didn't stop, but got out of the way and continued on my way home.

Yet I'm a nosy ole cuss. So I set myself to finding out what had happened. I didn't have a bunch of luck with that. Until two days later.

It looked to me like either one decided to try to race onto a side road while the other was speeding towards them and didn't make it. Or the one had pulled out of the side road and into the path of the other.

Tuesday I found out that my second scenario guess of the car pulling onto the highway was the cause of the accident. Sadly a woman who was driving that car is no longer with us.

That section of road to me seems to be a raceway!
Seems everyone is in such a hurry they feel the need to speed, need to pass when it's not really needed and no one pays any attention to what others are doing.
Which would be the case of either scenario I could come up with.

So instead of being only a few minutes late for wherever they were going they are now hours late. One will never make their intended destination.

Kinda like when someone is going to be a few minutes late for work or an appointment. They try speeding to make up time. There is always a cop waiting to write them a speeding ticket and they end up a half hour or more late.

Guess when I was younger I was in a hurry too. Yet over a few years I've learned there is nothing worth hurrying about.

Nothing so important which is worth risking your life speeding on crowded streets, roads and highways.
It makes me shake my head when they pass me like a bat outta hell on that stretch of road and then when I get to town they are there waiting at a red light. They really saved some time didn't they...

Slow down getting into relationships. Learn who it is you may want to get to know better.
And slow down on the roads.
Both will allow you more time to smile and will more than likely have better results.

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