Thursday, March 14, 2013

Some smiles ramble on

At times a warm smile can be better than a laugh

Only know you can't, until you've really tried...
Some have it, some don't.
Some really want it, some don't.
Some fear they will never, perhaps never will again.

Some have all but given up, some have.
Some will not try more than a little, never to achieve.
Some will flea in fear.
Some will try harder.

Willingness. Patience. Understanding.
Sharing, laughing, smiling.
Hearing music hidden from the world.
Playing with a bear.
Sharing tasty food.
Getting what you want or what want to give.
Gently healing what has been long broken thought destroyed.

Weary heart tenderly aided.
Emotions hidden, once tucked behind a wall.
Where once held in solitary.
Now free.
Allowed to roam.

Gaining that which is wanted, worked for, deserved by every soul.
Eruption of pleasure feared lost, not forgotten!

Pancakes for two on a snowy cold windswept morning.
Conversation, new day, first step as a new life begins.
Not knowing what life the future has in store.
Thankful now.
Only for happiness, inexpressible joy felt in a heart.

Maybe not a laugh.
No, something even greater!
A smile.

Warm smile.
Brighter than a summer sunshine.
A tear.
Appreciation and happiness.
Knowing now again what can, be achieved.

Knowing one who helped achieve shall always and forever be remembered.
Fondness felt.
Words can not express.
Once broken.
Softly touched.
An open doorway to healing that which for so long escaped the eyes.

Should these words reach your ears or appear before your eyes.
Utter not a word.
My finger to your lips.
Speak not of things shared before you went upon your way.
Hush in golden silence.
Only words I long to say.

A journey may be safe.
Wanting, more than life itself for toes to find happiness in warm sands.
Red to softly be caressed, washed with gentle waves.
Blond hair to be kissed by the sun.
White powder puff playing at your side.

Hurt shared, freed upon the winds.
Quiet pain hidden from the world.
Hearts shared.
Free now.
Once again loose to grow.

Thank you.
Happy tears begin to flow.

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