Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lost Love / Sorry Doggy

Often it seems we become narrow minded. Think in very narrow ways.
We see something. We like it. We assume it will be in our life forever.
Wonder if that is what happens with love...

We find things we love. When they are no longer useful, worn out, threadbare and we know the time has come to trash them, we feel sadness and loss.

We find a cute animal. We make it our pet. Love them and care for them. Even knowing their lives are much shorter than ours, when they pass on we have feelings of sadness and sorrow.

We meet someone...

Wonder if we shouldn't move away from expecting things to last forever.
Wonder if we should move towards making the attempt to appreciate more the time we have been allowed to share the love we feel.

Hmm, like a chocolate bar.
We see it sitting there all wrapped up in it's pretty wrapper. Our desire grows. We take that chocolate bar home. We tear open it's cover, we open it's inner wrapping with wild anticipation and drop it on the floor.
We savor it's sweetness. We enjoy the smoothness as we bite into it and the way it makes us feel as it moves ever so slowly across our tongues, then deep inside as it flows down our throats and treats our insides with fullness and comforting joy.

Momentarily we appreciate the love we have shared with that bar. We smile in our fulfillment of the moment. Our eyes glazed over with comfort and happiness. Our minds filled with contentment.

Do we sit for weeks, days or hours pining over that chocolate bar?
Do we wallow in sorrow that it's no longer with us? Is gone forever, never again to be a part of our life. Never again to give us the feelings it gave.

We appreciate that it came into our life. We appreciate all that it brought into our life. We appreciate that it became a part of us if only temporarily.
Yet do we remember it as we're out and about and we see another scrumptious chocolate bar?

We do remember the way it felt in our hands, the feelings it gave us.
We move quickly past that and reach for another to once again give us that which we desire. Another one to fill the need in our life.

We don't sit around bad mouthing that last chocolate bar to others. We don't shed hours of tears over it's no longer being ours. We don't mope for days and weeks on end over it's passing. We just accept that it's gone. We find another.

We do remember the good times shared with that chocolate bar. Recall fondly the savory sweetness it offered and shared with us. Smile over the love we once felt for it. Smile as it brings back fond memories of what we were allowed to share while it was with us.

Yet we just find another.

Wonder if that too is the way we should see and think of those that have melted, away from our lives. Leaving trails of evidence and sticky fingers.

There are many strange and goofy thoughts that wander through this mind at times : )

Hmm, thoughts of love? It's near springtime. Maybe I better start thinking about retraining that two foot tall, three foot long dog to sleep somewhere other than my bed!

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