Friday, March 22, 2013

Yuck, Changes and a little something to ponder

Seems the Clumsy Mumsy has left the blogging world. I've clicked on the link for awhile and never get taken to her delightfully smile invoking blog. Sadly this morning I removed the link that was there on the side.

I have though found another wonderful blog I'm liking very much. Not so much for the smiles but the creative ideas I've found there.
Goodies to make and eat, gifts to make and give and many other things to inspire, keep a person thinking and doing. Check it out. Here is a link
and there is a link for “giverslog” there on the side of the page under Blogs I Like.
Also I removed a few other links from over there along the side that led to the lost land of nowhere.

Today I'm just not feeling well. Wasn't last evening and definitely wasn't when I woke up around four AM.
Now I don't know about you but when I'm feeling like heck not a thing comes into my mind worth writing.
Yet I always find that humor. Laughter and smiles makes me forget about feeling bad. So the smiles continue in spite of this mean nasty bug that has me in it's teeth. The smiles and laughter should make it leave, right?

Anyway I went off on a journey around the web. Visited some other blogs, visited and laughed at the humor sites. Went to a few other sites I like to visit and spend time at too.

I found something I like and thought I'd share it here with you. I hope it inspires your thoughts and you enjoy it as much as I do.

At The Door Of The Temple
by Kahlil Gibran

I purified my lips with the sacred fire to speak of love but could find no words
When love became known to me the words lapsed into a faith gasping and the song in my heart into deep silence
Oh you who asked me about love
whom I convinced of its mysteries and wonders
now since love has wrapped me in its veil
I come to ask you about love's course and merit

Who can answer my questions I ask about that which is in me
I seek to be informed about myself
Who among you can reveal my inner self to myself and my soul to my soul
Tell me for love's sake what is that flame which burns in my heart
and devours my strength and dissolves my will
What are those hidden soft and rough hands that grasp any soul
what is that wine mixed of bitter joy and sweet pain that suffuses my heart

What are those wings that hover over my pillow in the silence of night
and keep me awake watching no one knows what
What is the invisible thing I stare at the incomprehensible thing that I ponder
the feeling that cannot be sensed

In my sights is a grief more beautiful than the echo of laughter and more rapturous than joy
Why do I surrender myself to an unknown power that slays me and revives me until dawn rises and fills my chamber with its light
Phantoms of wakefulness tremble between my seared eyelids
and shadows of dreams hover over my stony bed

That should inspire and arouse your thoughts.
Have a wonderful smiling weekend!

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