Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Length – touchy topic/not a topic for your young children

Not exactly a topic I want to discuss.
Here on the blog nor in any conversation.
Anywhere or with anyone.
There is yet another bad thing about getting older?
You seem to lose the ability to keep your mouth shut.
Things that once you would never talk about, you now do or say without thinking.
Heck you've been around long enough and have been embarrassed enough that embarrassment now only makes you smile.

I hear and see all these questions about length.
How long is too long? Is it long enough? And many more...

I've been around the block a few times.
Not bragging because it's nothing to brag about. It's really sad.
But I may have been with way more than my fair share of women. (That is one thing I've never quite figured out, how to hold onto... But I do have my suspected reasons for that, that have come to my mind.)
I seem though to be at a point in my life where I just don't care so much if I do get or not. I've discovered other things that keep me preoccupied. Things that many will never find and very few may ever understand.
But I do have what I believe may be some good advice.

I've heard and even spoken with women.
Try that. Instead of being in such a hurry to get in their pants, get into their minds.
Women hide a very beautiful place inside their minds. A place you will find very relaxing. A place that will share with you many many smiles and interesting adventures.
Ahh, but just like I can get lost in memories of hunting and fishing trips, I'm getting lost now in pleasant memories of minds I've been lucky enough to have shared...

One thing I have found. Women who are obsessed with length, have never had a guy with a really good technique. More often I hear that big only hurts.
I suspect that too is because of a poor technique...

Now keeping in mind that just as all men, all women are different.
What we like, what gives us the most pleasure, what we enjoy talking about and doing are as different as each of us. Men and women.

DO NOT lie to her. Whisper, talk softly and tell her only the truth of how much you care for her. How you feel.
Women seem to have a much better lie detector between their ears than we men do.
Heck I think they can hear us lie before we even open our mouths.

Really good begins with touching her mind. To do that you must have deep enough conversation to allow her to touch your mind.

Really good is never in a hurry. You need to take your time. Explore and adventure to find what she really likes. Watch her eyes and reactions. Listen for the sounds she makes, observe the movements she makes. She's just as embarrassed as you when it comes to talking about it...
IF she makes an uncomfortable sound, a fearful sound, an uncomfortable or fearful movement, STOP. She's not going to kill you for making a mistake. Just be tender and move along with that exploration.

Now I'm not going to keep going on much longer about all this. Your not dumb, you have a brain, I'm sure you can take theses basics and build the magic for yourself.

One more thing I will elaborate on though.
The absolute best I've ever found and experienced was started in the early morning with no more than a warm kiss, a hug and a few softly spoken words.
Reinforced at lunchtime with more soft kisses, hugs and a small handful of wildflowers. Along with some pleasant conversation while eating lunch.
Desires being built even higher at dinnertime again with the passionate kisses, warm hugs and more warm pleasant conversation while looking into her eyes.
Teased to even higher desires as the evening went on. Playfulness while helping with the dinner cleanup and helping with the dishes. Soft touches and cuddles along with more conversation as the day ended and evening began while resting and unwinding from the day.
Then what I've mentioned above.

Now I don't want anyone taking any of this as I'm looking for someone to do all this with. Should I have that desire I think the ole guy still has in him what it takes to find someone by himself.

I'm here only to say what I believe to be the answer to is it long enough.

The only thing that comes close to needing to be long is your technique. Your patience in finding and doing what she likes. What it is that builds her fire into an inferno.
Takes very little then to set off the fireworks.

Find that and you will find what satisfies her and makes her want you even more. Sends her into nirvana in a most blissful state of pleasure.

There is a truth I heard in a joke a long time ago.
She'll always know the length of yours, but you'll never know the depth of hers.
Remember that guys.

Oh yah, and remember there is little more than a warm pleasant smile and a nice hello to get all that started.

OK, I've humiliated myself once again and I need a cold drink now, who's buying the beer?

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