Monday, April 1, 2013

Germs got me again

What do ya do when you go to bed feeling bad then wake up feeling worse?

For me it's take care of what I absolutely have to and go back to bed and forget the rest.

Seems the youngest grandchild in my family is a magnet for getting every little bug that comes around the kindergarten class. Then he brings them to me who doesn't really go out much and gets no exposure to bugs so I have no resistance built up against them.

So once again in like three weeks he has brought me another gift of feeling like crud. Now I love the little guy, but he could forget giving me these gifts...
I spent almost all day laying in bed and sleeping. Then that evening I was feeling a good bit better.

When I was still out and about working every day, out in society where all manners of bugs and illnesses were being carried about, I very, very rarely would get sick at all. I would work on siding with no coat on during snow storms. I'd only have a heavy vest on with my arms exposed.

My motto was the heat is in the tools!
The harder you worked, the warmer you would stay. It was only when stopping for a break that I would feel cold at all. Even here on the farm during my evenings and on weekends as long as I was busy doing physical work I was warm during cold weather.

Over the years I always heard rumor that as people got older they would lose some of their resistance to germs. Would get sick more often.
I never really gave it much though until the last few years. Since I've had more easier, less busy times. Well easy for me and less busy for me...
Anyway, the more I think about it, the more I doubt that age thing has anything to do with it.

Myself and the others I know that seem to be getting ill more often seldom go out around people like we did when working. When we go to the store it's even at time we know there will be fewer people and crowds to deal with.
So the less we are exposed to, the less resistance our bodies build against bugs that go around.

Kinda like that going to a doctors office for a check up and getting sick. Your fine when you walk in. Then you wait and wait and wait. With all manners of ill people coughing, sneezing and wheezing. Spreading germs all over the waiting room. Next thing you know you are sick.

And my doctor wonders why I dislike going to see him.
Maybe if he'd not charge me for the crud I pick up waiting in his office!
Hmm, or is that his plan...

It's kind of like those little ones in kindergarten getting sick from each other. Their little bodies haven't built tolerances against the illnesses and as soon as one child has it they spread those germs to the others.
Well as older bodies don't have to keep tolerances up the tolerances seem to weaken. Then when we are exposed the germs have a field day.

Now am I going to start making plans to go to malls just to be exposed so I can build tolerances.

Don't think so.
To do that I'd have to first build a tolerance for all the uhh... various people and attitudes I'd have to deal with at malls or anywhere else for that matter.

I do think I'd rather stay in bed after that little guy brings something home to me.

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