Friday, November 30, 2012

A little thought about depression

Ever notice how you can hurt yourself and in your mind it causes you grief and sadness?
Ever notice at other times you can be in pain and someone makes you laugh then you find you have forgotten about the pain and actually laughed?
Ever notice how when you are really busy doing things you like, pain seems to not be as bad or even disappears for the time?

The mind and body are connected. Pain is a warning sent to the mind to give you advice to stop what you are doing or find a different way of doing it.
But things that begin in the mind can also bring pain to the body.

When many people I've talked to and including myself have felt really bad depression, parts of their body begin to hurt. Sometimes with nothing more than a loss of appetite. Sometimes in a mysterious unexplained pain. Usually for me it's added pain to my neck and back.

I find though that the sooner I find something to do or someone to laugh with or even just someone to spend time with and talk to, the faster those pains seem to relieve or some even go away completely.

Sharing, smiling and laughter seem to have healing powers...
I doubt there is anything mysterious or magical about that. It's just that when your mind is on things other than what is depressing you or bothering you the mind is to busy to get confused and send out false messages to your body causing pain. When you do have an actual pain the mind kept busy will not dwell on that pain.

Quite often too I find that when I feel low and depressed there is something I need in my life. At those times the only help I have found is to get alone with myself and listen to the thoughts that my mind reveals to me. Then when I do find what I am missing I have to make the choice to attempt to find and get what I need.

Sometimes too it's something I need to get rid of. Then I have to make the choice to get that bother out of my mind.
When it's something profound and hurtful locked in my minds past it becomes a bit of a problem. I find that speaking the words to release them from my mind can be dangerous.

Speaking some things to people causes them to judge you. Speaking some things to some people is telling the world.
Finding my one and only very trusted friend is my solution. But friends like that are a very rare find during a lifetime.
Some I have spoke to about similar situations write what they have to say and how it makes them feel anonymously.
It seems when it's left out and freed from the mind, the mind begins to heal.

We also have a tendency to shy away from doing things with others when we are feeling sad and depressed. Like staying away from parties or turning down invitations.
I've found that making myself go and be around people can help. Even when I'm having trouble talking to people there is always that one person who gets me into a conversation which ends up taking my mind away from dwelling on my own problems.
I find that helps because it gives me a break and later when I think about the problem it seem easier to find a solution.

Ehh, it's what works for me. If you think it will help you then try.
Anything to help bring the smile back to your face is worth a try in my mind and life.

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