Monday, November 5, 2012

Be Prepared And Smile More

I live four miles away from the nearest small town. About seventeen miles from a larger town.
The small towns used to have decent small grocery stores, hardware stores and even stores you could buy clothes and electronic gadgets.
It was a one day field trip at one time to go to the larger towns where stores seemed to climb to the clouds, were packed together side by side and carried about anything you could possibly want.

I learned a thing or two in my younger days thanks to that. Possibly the most important thing I learned was that it's best to be prepared not to be able to get to a store to get things on a regular schedule.

I also learned not to depend on anyone else including the government, to be there to help if help was needed. During major snow storms or even with a power outage from a wind storm, we might not see the local township government clean up crews with snow plows or with chain saws and equipment to open a road for over a week.
They have many miles of roads to take care of and it takes time to work through them. So having to wait for help is no surprise.

Sometimes, some people look at many of the things I have and consider me a hoarder. Maybe in a way I am. Yet when something bad happens I have the tools, equipment, food and supplies to make it through without depending on outside help. I don't hoard junk. I hoard necessities.

Over the years with more and more people having more an more cars and better roads, the small stores have almost vanished. There are the convenience stores at almost every gas station. But what they carry on their shelves can sell out in a hurry. That's understandable when you look at the nonexistence of their storage space.

I also burn oil for heat. Yet I keep backup heat handy should the power go out. I have a few oil lamps that make nice decorations yet can be used for light should I not have electricity. Have a gas stove and the burners will allow me to cook without electricity. Still have a camping stove too which takes up very little storage room along with some other camping supplies.

All that stuff takes up very little room to store. Yet when an emergency occurs it's handy to get to and use. When I do go on long fishing trips I have that stuff for them and don't have to scurry around buying new.

Much of my hoarding was learned. Some from the old timers I grew up learning from and some from life experience.

The old timers knew something we seemed to have forgotten over the years thanks to all the convenience's of today.
They knew that ultimately we are all on our own and have to be able to rely on our self.
They knew that unless you lived in very close proximity to the seat of local government, you'd not get help until much later. Maybe not until too late...
They knew that with federal government being so far away it would be as good as no help at all until much to late.

I guess it's a nice thought that big government can take care of us. But is that even a practical thought?
Even if government can help it will have to take care of itself first. Then trickle down to the rest of us.
It will also have to make decisions on who to help first. The most endangered and the most needy will be first. Not necessarily you.

The best government still needs and relies on the people. The people can't rely on the government.

Seems to me that every time many people start to rely on and get comfortable thinking the government can protect and help them, something else comes along to show them it just isn't true.

But do the people learn?

This one has. Possibly because this one has figured out that in order to keep a smile I must depend on myself.
Then when I can help myself and smile, I can help out others that are near me that need help and put a smile back on their faces quicker.

Heck, when was the last time the government helped you have a really good smile...

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