Friday, November 9, 2012


Feelings have a way of getting us in trouble. Feelings have a way of getting us embarrassed. Feelings have a way of leading us to hurt.

But they also can lead us to good things. Good experiences. Even to that crazy little thing called love.

Everyone desires good times. Everyone appreciates good things. Having good experiences is always fun and enjoyable and leads to great memories.
And I'd venture to say everyone loves love. Being loved, giving love, sharing love and all the great things that come from love.

Maybe not necessarily every moment spent with the children that come from love, but generally we all appreciate the kids. They do have a way of making us smile at the least expected moments. Have a way of making us proud when we least expect it.

Yet how do we get past the trouble, the embarrassment, and the heartache that feelings can lead us to...

Maybe by learning to carefully guard our first feelings.
Maybe by taking the time required to learn about whatever or whoever is causing our feelings.
Maybe by thinking some things through before we take action or let action be taken towards us.

From a little rock climbing experience I learned to take the time to plan my route well before starting to climb. Also learned to take my time and rethink my plans after I started and choose another route when it seemed to make more sense.
By doing that I never had a bad fall that laid me up in a hospital or worse.
Yet I do have many great memories which make me smile from my time spent doing such a crazy thing.

With the cross country and hill climbing on a motorcycle I learned to plan out my route. Sometimes making changes very quickly when unexpected or unseen obstacles got in the way.
Again I never had a really bad accident. Just some small ones. But I always was able to walk away with only a bit of embarrassment at times.

With these two things and more I felt they would be fun. And fun they were!
I did get hurt a little at times but because of thinking things through I was not hurt really bad.

Could it be that when we have feelings of friendship and love that we could take the time to learn about the people we are having those feelings for and maybe get hurt a little less when they finally show their true colors and bad habits?

It is after all, when we rush into things that we tend to get hurt the worst.

There will always be pain in life, yet it doesn't have to be bad pain if we do plan our ways and take our time learning.

The less pain we allow ourselves to be submitted too, the easier it is to regain our smile.

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