Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Enough Excitement Already

It's late fall, water freezes overnight at this time of year quite often. So it becomes part of the early morning routine to give the chickens fresh water first thing in the morning. The heat lamp keeps the chickens warm, but it doesn't keep their coop warm in the corner where the water is kept.

My wonderfully helpful son was being nice to me and he took their water out before he had to leave for work. When he opened the door he was met by a big bird fluttering straight towards his face! I got to see most of the action from the window.
He sidestepped the guided missile by ducking and the chicken flew past him and out to freedom. He came back in with an angry mood and got a flashlight. Before I could say anything he was gone and looking in the darkness for the bird. I yelled out and told him to let it alone so he wouldn't be late for work.

I went out and did my morning routine and never saw a feather of the bird. Didn't even hear a cluck. So I guess you could say the chicken didn't give a cluck.
While I was busy with my chores I managed to find a small rock. I stepped on it and while dancing the please don't let me fall on my can dance, twisted my lower back. The same back that is never free of pain. Now it hurt worse...

I went to my daughters to get the grandkids on the bus while she went to her job. Tried to make a cup of coffee.
Her coffee maker decided to take about forty five minutes to brew one danged cup of coffee. Now I know one thing she is getting for Christmas...
So I only had five minutes to down that cup of liquid heat and heaven before I had to get the grandkids on the bus.

As I was walking home there were two rabbits that came bursting out of a field at close to the speed of light. Now I'm not sure if they were moving to fast to see me or maybe thought I would make good protection, but they almost tripped me to the ground as one ran between my feet and the other in front of my foot! Soon after while I was still trying to regain my balance a small fox came running out of the field in hot pursuit. He however did see me and decided to forget his chase and made a u turn back into the field. Maybe my stumbling made him think I would flatten him with a fall...

Now that aching back is aching even more and I want nothing more than to get home, take a couple of ibuprofen and have a cup of steaming coffee while I perch upon my couch. But I finish my trek back home and instead go chicken hunting.

I find the escapee and as I walk towards her she makes her way back to the pen. Now my head is full of pain and I'm not really thinking right.
As if I ever do...
So I open the gate and walk around the pen knowing she will stay ahead of me and go in the open gate. What I hadn't thought of was the other chickens would come out to see what the commotion was about.

You guessed it. As the chicken now tired of her freedom was going in the gate, four of the others made their escape. I really should have shut their door. So I had to walk around the pen and coop two more times before they were all finally safely back inside. I shut the gate, gave them some food and came back inside to the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Got two ibuprofen from the bottle, selected four scrumptious oatmeal cookies, poured a cup of coffee, parked my butt on the sofa and am praying that no one gets a deer in the next three or four hours and calls asking for my help to get the tractor and bring it in from the fields or woods.

All in all, a pretty good morning except for a little pain.
I got to laugh at the son as a chicken took his mind from bed brain to wide awake in a second flat.
I danced the don't let me fall on my can dance.
I had some fun talking to the grandkids as we waited for the bus.
I got to do a sort of two step, jive dance with two cute speeding rabbits.
Had the opportunity to laugh at a fox as he saw me and changed his mind.
Had the chance to save two rabbits from a hungry fox.
Got to go for a walk with a cute chick.
Got to laugh at my own thoughtlessness when I forgot about the other chickens.
Got to get them all safely back in their pen as they laughed at me with their cackles and talked about me with their clucks.
And now as long as the phone doesn't ring, I get to sit on my rump and savor the aroma and flavor of some nice hot coffee and share the tale of my somewhat exciting morning while hoping it gives you a big smile as it does me.

I kinda hope there is no more excitement for my day. Ehh, scratch that. Lets make it for the week!

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