Monday, November 19, 2012

Wonder filled day and smiles

Hope you enjoy how I spent my Sunday full of wonderful smells and beautiful sounds half as much as I did.

I was having a lazy day. It started out slow and relaxing early while out feeding the critters. It was another cold November morning with the sun breaking it's way through the clouds and fog which were not giving up easily.

The aromas of fall were strong in the air. The smell of the leaves covering the ground for the winter to protect the soil and make their way back into food for the earth to grow more plants with.
The cold crisp smell of the pristine fresh fall air that filled me with life as it filled my lungs.

While the long forgotten boy in me wanted to stay out and play, the older body with it's aches and pains was saying go back inside where it's warm you ole fool.
Gladly the boy won. He stayed out for about and extra hour and a half walking about and enjoying the waking of the earth for one more day. It was quiet. The songbirds have left for the winter. The winter birds are not yet quite here for the season. But they sing quieter songs and there are not quite as many to fill the fields and woods with a loud concert.

I did see some rabbits wiggling their little noses as the filled their bellies with the food they found. Preparing their bodies for the soon coming snow covered days. The days when they'll have to dig for their treat. Clawing and then diving under the blanket of snow to munch and then popping up somewhere else to amuse my mind.
I stood in a fence row among some trees and bushes for a bit watching them dine and play before continuing on my way.

As I went on my way I saw eight pheasants. One rooster with his seven lovely ladies all scratching along the edge of the corn field as they searched for their breakfast. He with a wary eye out for danger protecting his women, they with more attention to the food while listening for his calls of danger. And sure enough, as I got nearer he called and they all ran into the corn stalks to hide from this hungry looking monster of a creature that was near.

I hiked over the hill along the fields and came to my path through the woods that I've worn down with many walks. A path that is crisscrossed with many paths made by local deer making their way to dine on the crops we so graciously plant for them to enjoy. At least I think that is their point of view...

I started down the slight hill of my path when I spied out of the corner of my eye four deer at the edge of another corn field. They were having a morning feast before wondering off back into the woods and brush to hide and sleep for the day. They saw me in the distance and watched as I made my way through the woods until I came out the other end and disappeared past the edge of their breakfast buffet.

I stopped along the property line when I was passing near a neighbors. Their huge Saint Bernard had come over to greet me by saying hello and wagging his tail. I petted and talked to him a bit before continuing my walk back to the house.

Came in, had some coffee, warmed up and spent some time catching up with some friends and sharing some chuckles here on line. I somewhat got lost in one conversation with a very beautiful minded friend. Then I spotted the clock and found I was late for my noontime feeding and knew my girls the chickens who keep me well supplied with fresh eggs wouldn't have an appreciation of my excuse for being late. I said my goodbyes and went to say hello to my feathered girls and feed them their lunch and steal their eggs. The eggs they so graciously lay for me to enjoy. At least that's my point of view...

While I was out I once again got lost. The sun had warmed up the air. Church was over and I could hear the low growling sounds of the motors of harvesters filling the cool crisp fall air all around me. My little twenty acre patch of corn is being harvested by a guy who I pay to do that. Who also rents my unused fields here on the farm. All the surrounding hills and valleys are busy with others reaping their crops from the fields.

The sounds brought back memories of days when I was young and helping my grandpap as we were busy harvesting. Days we shared in conversations about this, that and life.
Memories of days when I was still doing everything and was having conversations with my kids about this, that and life as they rode along and helped as I worked.
Warming, wonderful memories that bring feelings of love to a heart and mind.

A simply beautiful day for November! A day to enjoy, a day to harvest, a day just perfect to make new memories. And now as the sun is beginning to make it's way down over the mountains to disappear again for a night, a day to now enjoy the memories of the day and the memories those sights and sounds have allowed me to recall.

Yes, another day made perfect by allowing me it's warm wonderful smiles.

And today I share the feelings and smiles with you.

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