Saturday, November 24, 2012

Some questions should not be asked

So what do I have in common with an old dog?
No, I know I don't smell so good at times but it's not the odor. And no, it's not fleas.

What it is, is that when I'm not feeling well I do not want bothered. When I'm ill I only want to find a quiet, comfortable spot that is somewhat warm and sleep until I begin to feel better.

There are still things that need done and somehow when I have to I can manage to drag myself along and do them. Yet as soon as they are done I will find my comfortable spot and sleep. Even if that spot is on a bale of hay.

When something like that happens it seems there is always someone who comes along looking for me and can't find me. Then when they finally do they go into a panic.

Have you seen a doctor? Can I call a doctor? Maybe I should call 911!

I am despising that 911... I am not a fan of doctors.
When I'm sick I know how sick I am and only want to sleep it off or take the things I know will make me feel better. In the event I can't figure out what it is causing me to feel so bad I will see a doctor. In the unlikely event I don't heal and get better soon I will see a doctor.
But doctors are my last choice in someone to see. Especially when I do not feel well.

They have this way of never listening to what I'm telling them. They have their ways of asking questions when I've already given them the answers. They only seem to hear what they want to hear and then trying to schedule for so many tests that you will either be healed or dead before they figure out how to help.

I tend to save a lot of time and money by cutting out the middle man. I'll either heal or die on my own. I don't need nor want their testing to cause me more pain and aggravation when I'm already filled up with pain and aggravation.

I'm also not fond of man made chemical drugs. It's amazing to me that all the drugs I've taken the time to learn about were there in nature before they found the chemical makeup of them and capitalized on the fake drugs they make from what they learned. And you or anyone else will never convince me that fake is better than real.

I'm happy and I'm generally healthy. Living this life has left me with some pains and scars and a few bones and parts that no longer work as well as they once did, but I do alright.

So once again a miserable flu bug has taken it upon itself to take up residence in my body. It started making itself known late Thursday. Guess it too wanted to enjoy some of that wonderful Thanksgiving meal... So there I was Thursday night spending or wasting my time perched on the toilet. I spent the next day mostly in bed and only wanting ice water to drink. Food had become my enemy. Even the aroma of the pumpkin and sweet potato pies couldn't make me want to munch and savor their delectable flavors.

All I needed was to sleep so my body could fight the bug and chase it from my aching body.

Today I'm still not back to feeling like my normal self. I am doing what absolutely needs done and fully intend to explore the wrinkles of my sheets and blanket some more.

So I'm hoping all of you are enjoying the day and keeping that smile shining.
I am smiling in my dreams as I sleep and heal.

But I'm warning everyone.
Wake me up one more time to ask me if I'm OK and I'm going to give you big sloppy kisses and hugs and pass this bug on to you!

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